X-ray Door or Door Set, What’s the Difference, Does it Matter?

When designing, upgrading, or constructing a new x-ray facility, one of the most overlooked items in radiation protection is the requirements around shielding the door entrance.  It is common when somebody is looking for a door that the first thing that comes into their mind is the door itself.  However, to fully shield an x-ray room, not only does the door needs to be lead lined, the frame, architraves, locks, handles, along with vision panels and beading also needs to be of x-ray protective specification.  Failure to meet these requirements can lead to radiation leakage, hence the room being deemed unsuitable to carry out x-rays procedures.

A Radiation Protection Advisor, also known as an RPA (see RPA contact list on Raybloc website) assesses the level of radiation protection required for an x-ray facility.  Each “Door Set” is designed, manufactured, and pre-built in Raybloc workshops so that it not only fits first time on site, but meets the requirements as per the RPA report.

Although the door set can be finished to any finish, such as, laminate, hardwood veneer, Acrovyn plastic coated, or just paint grade, it is equally important that the item is durable to withstand the test of time, delivers the radiation shielding, and makes the staff and patient feel comfortable for a great experience in what can feel, to some, like a daunting procedure, especially when having an x-ray or CT scan for the first time.

Notable things to think about when enquiring about door sets:
1. Is it a single or a double?
2. Ideally, it is good to know the opening size and wall depth.
3. What door finish would be ideal to suit the environment and it’s clientele?
4. What frame finish would look good with the door?
5. Does it need to be fire rated?
6. Does it have any vision panels?
7. Would you like to have a ‘Flush Warning Light’ fitted into the door?
8. When is it needed for install?
9. How many years are you looking to use the room for?
10. What is the level of traffic that will be opening, closing or bumping the door?
11. What sort of fittings will be needed? Such as handles, locks, kick plates.
12. Does your carpenter need any information so that he feels comfortable with
how to fit the frame and drill into the doors for fittings?

After decades of client feedback, testing, and installations across the UK, the production of x-ray door sets has become a fine art.  Gone are the days of lead sheet dropping off the backing of doors after one year due to cut corner fitting by un-experienced builders.  Today’s door sets are built by craftsman, that leave no lead exposed to the elements, and most of all, they last the test of time no matter what medical environment throws at them.

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It is our job to make sure that our client and their client has maximum protection with no compromise.  If you are ever in doubt with radiation shielding then be sure to speak with your local RPA officer or to get in touch with any of the Raybloc team so that we can help you.

Author: Lewis Haydon, Raybloc X-ray Protection Ltd.