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What is the Difference Between Lead Lined Door Leaves and Doorsets?

When designing, upgrading, or constructing a new radiation-controlled facility, one of the most overlooked items in radiation protection is the requirements around shielding the door entrance.  It is common when somebody is looking for a door that the first thing that comes into their mind is the door itself.  However, to fully shield a controlled area, not only does the door needs to be lead-lined, but the frame, architraves, locks, handles, vision panels and beading also needs to be of X-ray protective specification.

Failure to meet these requirements can lead to radiation leakage, hence the room being deemed unsuitable to carry out procedures involving ionising radiation. This article will explore the differences between a door and a doorset so that you have 100% confidence in the product you require for your project.

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Importance of Quality X-ray Protection

A Radiation Protection Advisor, also known as an RPA (see RPA contact list on Raybloc website) assesses the level of radiation protection required for an x-ray facility.  Each “doorset” is designed, manufactured, and pre-built in Raybloc workshops so that it not only fits the first time on-site but meets the requirements as per the RPA report.

Although the doorset can be built with any finish such as laminate, hardwood veneer, Acrovyn plastic coated, or just paint grade, it is equally important that the item is durable to withstand the test of time, delivers the radiation shielding, and makes the staff and patient feel comfortable for a great experience in what can feel, to some, like a daunting procedure, especially when having an X-ray or CT scan for the first time.

Lead Lined Door Leaves

A lead-lined door leaf is an integral component of an X-ray protective door that is designed to provide shielding against harmful X-rays. It consists of a sturdy wood core, which is pressed with a layer of lead sheeting. The lead lining is crucial as it effectively attenuates and absorbs ionising radiation, preventing its passage through the door leaf.

The thickness of the lead sheeting is carefully chosen to meet the specific radiation protection requirements, ensuring optimal shielding effectiveness. Additionally, the lead-lined door leaf is reinforced with MDF to enhance structural integrity and durability. It is important to note that the lead is securely bonded to the core material, creating a seamless barrier that offers reliable X-ray protection while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of the door.


X-ray doors provide a radiation-shielded opening into a controlled area to allow for passage into and out of the room whilst the X-ray source is inactive. In essence, they are an essential feature for any room containing ionising radiation (unless you don’t want access to the room).


X-ray door leaves are aesthetically indifferent to non-leaded doors given the lead is completely concealed within the door leaf. Similarly, they are available with fire resistance and glazing in many different forms such as flush-glazing and interstitial blinds. At Raybloc, we make each door suit your specific requirements. This means that you will never be charged for more than exactly what you require; this includes things such as the thickness of lead within your leaves, the ironmongery featured, and the size of your glazing if it is required. Due to the lead metal sheet contained within these leaves, they are also naturally more acoustically attenuating than regular doors.


Being a heavy-duty door with a sheet of metal contained inside, leaded door leaves are much heavier than your standard door. This can make them difficult to open if they are not hinged correctly and also makes them subject to dropping easily if not fitted securely and to an appropriate frame. On this note, although your door leaves will be fully leaded, you will also need to consider the lead-lining of your frame and architraves to ensure full X-ray shielding across the opening. This is where lead-lined doorsets come into the equation.

Lead Lined Doorsets

A radiation shielding doorset comprises not only a lead-lined door leaf but also a comprehensive system of components designed to provide a complete solution for X-ray protection. In addition to the lead-lined door leaf, a radiation shielding doorset includes specialised leaded frames and architraves.

These components are meticulously engineered to ensure a tight fit and minimise any potential gaps or leakage points that could compromise the effectiveness of radiation shielding. By having a complete doorset, rather than just a door leaf, you can achieve a fully integrated and sealed radiation barrier that significantly reduces the risk of radiation leakage.


Complete door sets are particularly crucial in environments where strict radiation safety standards must be upheld, such as medical facilities, laboratories, and industrial settings. An X-ray shielding doorset offers a comprehensive solution that ensures the highest level of radiation protection, providing peace of mind and safety for both occupants and surrounding areas.


With a complete leaded door set, you have the security of ensuring your frame, architrave, and leaves offer a complete protective barrier against ionizing radiation as well as being structurally built for purpose. We take a lot of pride in our lead lined doorsets, and can therefore offer a guarantee that your door will swing freely without compromise to radiation protection for a minimum of 7 years.


If money is a concern, you may not be best pleased with the price tag of a leaded door set when compared with a standard door. Each of the doorsets we supply and install is hand-finished and bespoke made to your request; this level of tender care ensures your door set is the optimal protective solution for you, but may be unsuitable as a budget solution.

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Comparing X-ray Doors and Door Sets in Radiation Shielding

When considering radiation shielding solutions, it’s important to understand the distinction between X-ray door leaves and door sets. An X-ray door leaf refers specifically to the lead-lined door panel itself, whereas a door set encompasses the complete system. While an X-ray door leaf alone can provide effective radiation protection, opting for a complete door set is highly recommended for optimal shielding performance. A lead-lined frame and architraves, which are integral components of a radiation-shielding doorset, play a crucial role in preventing radiation leakage through gaps and seams.

These components are designed to seamlessly integrate with the door leaf, creating a tightly sealed system that minimises the risk of radiation escape. Therefore, if you already have a lead-lined frame and architraves in place, choosing an X-ray door leaf would be appropriate. However, to ensure the highest level of radiation shielding and compliance with safety standards, it is advisable to opt for a complete radiation shielding door set, as it offers a comprehensive solution that guarantees a secure and reliable barrier against harmful radiation.

Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance of lead-lined doorsets require specialised expertise and precision. Due to their lead lining, these doorsets are significantly heavier than standard doors, necessitating careful handling and installation to ensure proper functionality and structural integrity. It is imperative to entrust the installation to professional radiation shielding installation teams who possess the knowledge and experience to handle the complexities involved. These experts are well-versed in the intricacies of radiation shielding and can guarantee that the doorsets are correctly installed, creating a seamless radiation barrier without any potential leakage points.

Furthermore, we stand behind the quality of our lead-lined doorsets by offering a 7-year guarantee to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and ensure that our doorsets will perform reliably and effectively throughout their lifespan. By choosing Raybloc’s lead-lined doorsets and relying on professional installation services, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving a superior product backed by years of industry expertise and comprehensive after-sales support.

Final Thoughts

After decades of client feedback, testing, and installations across the UK, the production of radiation-protective doorsets has become a fine art.  Gone are the days of lead sheet dropping off the backing of doors after one year due to cut corner fitting by un-experienced builders.  Today’s door sets are built by craftsmen, that leave no lead exposed to the elements, and most of all, they last the test of time no matter what the medical environment throws at them.

It is our job to make sure that our client and their client have maximum protection with no compromise.  If you are ever in doubt about radiation shielding then be sure to speak with your local RPA officer or to get in touch with any of the Raybloc team so that we can help you.


In which situation should I choose an X-ray door over a doorset?

If you already have a lead-lined frame and architraves installed, choosing an X-ray door leaf can be a suitable option. It provides effective radiation shielding for your existing setup. However, to ensure the utmost level of radiation protection and full compliance with safety standards, we highly recommend opting for a complete radiation shielding door set.

A door set offers a comprehensive solution that includes a complete protective opening up to the wall. This integrated system guarantees a secure and reliable barrier against harmful radiation, minimising the risk of leakage and providing peace of mind. By choosing a radiation shielding door set, you can ensure optimal shielding performance and maintain a consistently safe environment.

Can X-ray doorsets be customised to match the design of my facility?

Yes, our X-ray doorsets can be fully customised to seamlessly blend with the design aesthetics of your facility. We offer a range of customisation options to meet your specific requirements. The doorsets can be provided with a primer-painted finish, allowing you to apply your desired colour scheme. Alternatively, we offer options such as laminate, lacquered veneer, or PVC encapsulated finishes, providing a wide variety of textures and styles to choose from.

Additionally, our doorsets can incorporate a vision panel at your requested size, enabling visibility while maintaining radiation protection. You also have the freedom to select the ironmongery and hardware that best suits your needs. With our commitment to customisation, you can achieve both optimal radiation shielding and a doorset that seamlessly integrates into the design of your facility.

Can lead-lined doorsets provide additional benefits, such as enhanced security or soundproofing?

Yes, lead-lined doorsets offer additional benefits beyond radiation shielding. In addition to their primary function of protecting against harmful radiation, lead-lined doorsets can provide enhanced security and soundproofing. The sturdy construction and materials used in these doorsets contribute to improved security, creating a robust barrier against unauthorised access.

Furthermore, lead-lined doorsets are designed to minimise noise transmission, making them effective in soundproofing applications. Additionally, Raybloc offers flush-mounted warning lights, which are an ideal solution for indicating to individuals passing the door that it leads to a radiation-controlled area.

What is the expected lifespan of an X-ray doorset?

The expected lifespan of an X-ray doorset can vary depending on various factors, including usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. However, when properly installed, operated, and maintained, a high-quality X-ray doorset can typically last for many years. At Raybloc, we are proud to offer a 7-year guarantee on our lead-lined doorsets, which demonstrates our confidence in their durability and longevity.

It is important to note that regular inspections, maintenance, and adherence to recommended usage guidelines can help maximise the lifespan of an X-ray doorset. By ensuring proper care and maintenance, you can expect your X-ray doorset to provide reliable radiation shielding and operational performance throughout its lifespan.

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