Why our company expansion is good for you

Learn how the expansion of our Willenhall business will benefit the local community and any organisation requiring radiation protection.

After enjoying further success at our West Midland’s firm, we’re thrilled to announce that Raybloc will be expanding operations in 2021. While our premises on Bliston Road, Willenhall, has served us well since relocating there in 2004, it’s time to take operations to the next level. With the permission of Walsall Council, the plan is to demolish workshops and disused plant buildings to create a new bigger production unit. This will then link to the existing building to create a seamless and centralised working environment.

Why our company expansion is good for you - Raybloc Xray Protection

What the new changes mean for radiation departments and the local community

Our expansion comes with a lot of benefits. As a company, increasing the space to develop radiation protection equipment will allow us to boost production operations. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to be prepared for the unknown and more flexible. Our plans to expand will allow us to fulfil further last-minute requirements efficiently, like the role we played in building the Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham.

The extra space will also enable us to develop new innovative radiation protection equipment more quickly, deliver greater output and streamline operations. Timely operations which previously required us to move between multiple buildings will be completed within a single purpose made structure.

For the local community, our new building and greater need for larger production operations should create an additional five or six full-time jobs. This news is a real positive given the UK’s rising unemployment rates amid the global pandemic. Our new building will provide improved facilities all in one place, including bigger and better changing facilities, toilets, canteen and restroom. It’s things like this that are essential to the well-being and mental health of employees on a daily basis.

The Managing Director of Raybloc, Sean Haydon, said: “Since forming the company in the 1990s, a key reason why we’ve been able to constantly grow is our willingness to move with the times.”

“After originally focusing on the manufacturing of high-quality affordable products for hospital X-ray departments, we’ve moved on to produce total radiation shielding solutions for private practices, dentists, vets, industrial, commercial and nuclear situations around the world.

“Now, it’s time for our next bold move. By expanding the business, we can continue to evolve and improve our services to our clients, while providing new jobs for the local community. It’s a real win-win for everyone.”

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