What’s the difference in X-ray door mounted and boxed warning lights?

X-ray flush mounted door warning lights vs boxed warning lights: discover what the differences are and how they can impact radiation safety in your hospital or practice.

As you’re probably already aware of, when your hospital or health practice uses X-ray, MRI, laser and CT equipment, you’re required to display in-use warning signs outside of the room. The main purpose of them is to give employees and patients a visual prompt to stay away and reduce the chances of radiation exposure.

While choosing the right X-ray in-use warning lights may feel like a relatively small element of radiation safety, it can make several big differences in the long run. With this in mind, we’ve included a comprehensive overview of the differences between our X-ray flush door mounted and the older style of boxed warning lights to help decide which is right for you.

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What is an X-ray boxed warning light?

A boxed warning light is the most common type of X-ray in-use light on the market. As the name suggests, it’s a light fixture in the shape of a box which usually sits above or to the side of a door. Nowadays, you can get both LED X-ray boxed warning lights and older bulb type ones.

What is an X-ray flush door mounted warning light?

Our X-ray flush door mounted warning lights use the latest innovation of LED flat panel light dispersing technology to create an X-ray exposure door warning light. The main difference between flush mounted and boxed warning lights is the fact that a flush mounted one doesn’t protrude, it’s fully flushed into the door leaf, without effecting the integrity X-ray protection.

X-ray boxed warning lights vs flush mounted warning lights: which one to choose?

While both boxed and flush mounted X-ray in-use signs serve the same purpose, their dissimilar designs affect performance and practicality in different ways. For instance, flush lights take up less room than a boxed one and only one is required. In a lot of health facilities, you’ll see multiple boxed ones either side of the door entry which needs installing separately. This wastes extras energy, costs more and takes up precious room.

Due to the bulky three-dimensional structure of a boxed warning light, they can be awkward to position depending upon the placement of the door. Boxed warning lights will also require a wiring conduit which is often surface mounted, unsightly and creates a dirt trap.

As we mentioned before, RPAs believe the best location for an X-ray warning light is at eye-level. Our flush mounted door warning light system solves this problem as it is flushed into the door leaf which makes it easily viewed by staff and patients as they approach it.

Where double doors are concerned there is no longer a requirement for two boxed warning lights either side of the door, a single flush mounted warning light on the door is sufficient. In terms of hygiene, our flush X-ray room in-use lights are easily cleanable as they are flushed into the surface of the door with no ledges.

There’s also greater versatility with our flush door mounted lights as well. The text is fully customisable, available in any language and can come in portrait or landscape formats. You don’t have the same luxury with boxed warning lights.

In recent years, you’ll find more LED boxed warning lights. However, if your health facility is still using outdated incandescent ones, you’ll be wasting a lot more energy and driving your energy bill through the roof in addition they are much more prone to failure. Our flush mounted lights are LED and highly energy efficient. You won’t have to worry about any bulbs blowing. They’re built to last.

Invest in the next generation of X-ray warning light

If you’re interested in taking radiation protection to the next level in your hospital or practice, invest in X-ray door flush mounted warning lights. While a boxed one is a starting point in adhering to regulations and promoting radiation safety, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as the new generation of flush door mounted X-ray warning lighting.

At Raybloc, our unique door manufacturing method means that all wiring for flush mounted x-ray lighting is completely concealed within the door and frame, helping you keep your facility safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. To find out more, get in touch with us today or take a look at our dedicated flush mounted X-ray warning light page.

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