What is “shielding you with excellence”?

We owe the discovery of X-rays the credit for countless cases of successful medical diagnoses. Today, radiographers, dentists, chiropractors, scientists and technicians are using X-rays to treat all aspects of medical requirements from dental oral X-rays to hospital CT departments. However with the advancement in innovation and technology also comes a higher need for higher quality protective shielding.

To shield an operator from an x-ray a dense material is used. The power output, exposure time, and distance from the source are a few factors that influence the density, material and thickness required to negate the radiation. This allows for staff, walking by patients, waiting room patients, and in veterinary, animals to be out of harm’s sake when visiting the dentist, hospital, or vet.

Technically, it is all well and good to use a large sheet of lead to prevent harmful radiation. However, today’s world needs more than just the technical details. Today’s radiation protection needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear of being slammed all day by trolleys in busy hospitals, look good for visiting patients so that they are happy to leave positive remarks, make staff feel comfortable and happy to work each day so they can help more people.

 With this in mind… here are some traits that Raybloc clients have mentioned are important to them:

-The radiation shielding is built to last so that the staff has confidence they will ALWAYS be protected.
– It uses the latest innovation in materials and finishes so that the department looks modern and next generation.
– The operations of the items, such as X-ray doors, are built to the highest quality with no compromise on components or materials.
– The shielding is built to suit in Raybloc workshops, ensuring all items fit first time and are going to last and that there is not any down time of the x-ray room.
– Aesthetically pleasing. With a vast array of finishes, materials and methods of application, each product can be finished to suit any department design.
– Above and beyond service, if extra is required then it is important that the x-ray facility and their operation to help people’s lives come first.
– Professionalism is key, from the enquiry process, to delivery, fitting and beyond. It is critical and highly valued as Raybloc organisation that everything is understood and right first time so that your client and end used gets what they want and need, with a long lasting positive experience.

   As you can see, x-ray protection seems simple at the surface, but from what clients continually give in positive feedback is the quality of product and service, so that they can carry out their important work in making a difference to others lives. There is no space for poor craftsmanship, there is no compromise on quality materials, and there is no excuse for anything but the best, especially when it comes to the medical industry. Just one hour of down time due to poor radiation shielding can lead to losses in a hospital environment not just in money and time, but patient experience, and ultimately lives. Always ensure you are protected with excellence because for as far as Raybloc is concerned, there is no compromise on not being right first time when it comes to medical facilities.

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