What is Lead Lined Wall Panelling?

Lead lined wall panelling is used to increase the density between partition and external walls to shield x-ray environments. Wall panels can either be manufactured as plasterboards, plywood boards, or laminated wall panels which are ideal for hygienic environments.

Lead lined boards that are used for x-ray wall linings can be manufactured to any length up to a maximum size of 3m long. This is because it is the largest available stock plasterboard or plywood board available without specialist manufacture. Although the widths of none lead boards are often 2.4m, when it comes to lead boards, the sheer weight of the lead on the board will cause normal plasterboard to ‘snap’ when lifted.

Due to the weight issue of lead boards, in the interest of health and safety, each board is manufactured to 600mm wide. As the code lead increases on the board, so does the weight. It is advised that lifting gear and proper lifting techniques are used when installing wall boards to remain inline with health and safety site training.

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Lead Lined Wall Panelling
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