Why Steel Frame Lead Lined Windows Are Ideal for Radiation Shielding

In today’s world, where safety against radiation is a primary concern in various industries, steel frame lead lined windows emerge as an indispensable solution. These screens are not just about protection; they embody a blend of safety, functionality, and innovation. We’ll explore the essence of these windows and why they are essential in radiation shielding.


What is a Steel-Framed Leaded Window?

A steel-framed radiation shielding window is a specialised type of glass window designed for radiation protection. It combines a robust lead-lined steel frame with lead glass, ensuring a high level of shielding against X-rays and other forms of radiation. These windows are manufactured to meet stringent industry requirements, offering both transparency and protection. Lead-lined internal windows are often found between radiation-controlled areas and control rooms to allow the radiographer and other staff to examine the patient from behind this radiation-protective barrier.

Are Steel Frame Leaded Glass Windows Safe Against Radiation?

Absolutely. Steel-framed lead-lined windows are engineered with lead lining of varying thickness, tailored to block different levels of radiation. These screens act as a formidable barrier, ensuring that harmful radiation does not permeate into human-occupied spaces, thereby safeguarding health and well-being. The lead lined window frames combined with lead glass create a shielding barrier with no shine path for X-rays to pass through, yet still allowing transmission of visible light through the lead glass.

Industry Sectors That Employ Steel Frame Lead Windows for Radiation Shielding

Steel frame lead windows are pivotal in sectors where radiation is a regular part of operations. These sectors recognise the imperative need for robust radiation shielding solutions.


In medical facilities, particularly in radiology and oncology departments, steel-framed leaded windows offer essential protection against X-ray radiation, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.


The nuclear sector, where radiation levels can be significantly high, employs these screens to protect personnel and the environment from radiation exposure, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


In construction, especially when dealing with industrial and healthcare projects, steel-framed lead-lined screens provide necessary protection against onsite radiation sources, safeguarding workers and future occupants.

What Thickness Lead Glass Is Best for Radiation Protection?

The ideal thickness of lead glass depends on the level of radiation exposure and specific industry requirements. Typically, the greater the potential radiation exposure, the thicker the lead glass required. Custom solutions are available to fit specific shielding needs. To determine the required lead equivalence for your window, you will need to seek advice from a Radiation Protection Advisor. There is a list of tried and trusted RPAs on our website.

Benefits of Steel-Framed Lead Lined Windows (Besides Lead Shielding)

Apart from their primary function of radiation protection, these screens offer several other advantages:

High Strength

The steel frame provides exceptional structural strength, making these windows resilient against physical impacts and environmental stressors.


These windows are designed to withstand long-term use without significant wear and tear, ensuring lasting protection. Stainless steel frames are popular for this purpose,

Low Maintenance

Steel and lead glass require minimal maintenance, retaining their protective qualities over time without extensive upkeep.

Heat Retention

Steel-framed screens can contribute to better heat retention within a room, aiding in energy efficiency.


These windows can be tailored in size, shape, and design, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across different sectors.

Are Lead Lined Windows More Expensive?

While lead-lined windows are more costly upfront than standard screens due to the addition of lead and specialised lead glass, their long-term benefits and essential role in safety make them a wise investment in contexts where radiation protection is non-negotiable.

Speak to Quality-Assured Lead-Lined Window Specialists

Raybloc X-Ray Protection is a UK-based industry-leading supplier and manufacturer of lead screens for radioactive protection. Serving various industries with quality-approved and regulation-certified leaded windows, we understand that each facility has unique protection needs. Trust our expert team to design, build, and supply the perfect lead-lined window installation for your premises.

Do not skip corners when it comes to radiation protection. It is what shields you, your staff, and your patients from harmful radiation. There is no compromise when it comes to people’s lives.

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How much do steel-framed lead windows cost?

The cost of lead-lined internal windows is primarily dictated by their size and lead equivalence, with the primary contributor to this cost being the lead glass. The greater the required level of protection, the thicker the glass must be, increasing its associated price. Contact us for a tailored quote.

Can steel frame windows be double-glazed?

Yes, steel frame lead-lined windows can be designed with double-glazing for additional insulation and protection. This may be necessary if the screen is fire rated, or if you would like your screen to feature switchable glass.

Are steel frame lead windows better than hardwood lead-lined windows?

Steel-framed lead windows and hardwood lead-lined windows each have their unique advantages and applications, depending on the specific requirements of the environment they are used in. Raybloc offers the option of either material to ensure the customer can have radiation shielding that suits their exact requirements.

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Do not skip corners when it comes to radiation protection. It is what shields you, your staff, and your patients from harmful radiation. There is no compromise when it comes to people’s lives.

Call today to speak to one of our x-ray protection experts on 01902 633383 or email enquiries@raybloc.co.uk. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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