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Nuclear Radiation Protection

How to Minimise Nuclear Radiation Exposure in Facilities

Nuclear Radiation Protection for facilities can vary from mobile screens to heavy lead sliding doors.

Raybloc are proud suppliers of nuclear radiation shielding products, including lead chevrons, heavy lead doorsets, heavy lead internal windows, and mobiles. We assist contractors from start to finish in achieving the required protection—ticking all the boxes in accordance with radiation protection safety regulations and procedures whilst ensuring you only pay for what you need. For case studies on nuclear facilities Raybloc has worked with, check out the case study section below.

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Protecting Yourself from Radiation in The Nuclear Industry

When working in facilities with potential nuclear radiation exposure, it is crucial to implement certain safety measures to minimise the risk. The following paragraphs outline some key steps to protect yourself and others from radiation exposure.


One of the fundamental principles of radiation protection is limiting the time of exposure. Minimising the duration of time spent near radioactive sources can significantly reduce the radiation dose absorbed. Personnel working in facilities with nuclear radiation should carefully manage their time in such environments and follow strict protocols for rotation and breaks to limit overall exposure.


Maintaining a safe distance from radioactive sources is another critical aspect of radiation protection. The intensity of gamma radiation decreases with distance, so increasing the distance between yourself and the source of radiation can substantially lower exposure levels. Workers should be educated about safe distances and avoid unnecessary close proximity to radiation-emitting equipment or materials.


Effective shielding is a key defence against nuclear radiation exposure. Facilities must be equipped with appropriate shielding materials, such as lead, concrete, or other dense metals, to block and absorb ionizing radiation. Shielding helps to create a barrier that protects workers and the surrounding environment from the harmful effects of radioactive materials. Ensuring the integrity and proper maintenance of shielding materials is vital to their effectiveness.

Raybloc helps you shield against ionizing radiation in nuclear facilities by using multiple sheets of lead or lead chevron bricks, depending on the thickness of lead required to attenuate the radiation. Where room fixings are required, lead-lined doorsets and internal windows can be manufactured and installed with up to 20mm of lead (20mm Pb).

Ionizing Radiation Emergencies

In the event of a radiological emergency, quick and appropriate responses are crucial to safeguarding personnel and the public. Facilities should have well-defined emergency procedures in place, with designated personnel trained to handle such situations. This includes immediate evacuation plans, communication protocols, and access to proper protective gear for emergency responders.

Lead-Lined Doorsets

Why Choose Raybloc For Radiation Protection Product

Right First Time Every Time

We understand the importance of getting the right product suited for the application, especially where high-energy radiation is involved. We take stringent measures to make certain that you get the correct products exactly when you need them.

Sourced From the Best on the Market

We use only the highest quality materials available to withstand the weight of a lead core whilst remaining sustainable and exceeding NHS HTM standards for a long-lasting, durable finished product.

Implementers of Expert Advice

Working alongside RPAs, hospitals, universities, and architects to bring new research and innovations to radiation protection.

Guaranteed to Pass Inspection

RPA tests can be expensive, especially if your controlled area fails to pass. That is why Raybloc offers an RPA pass guarantee; our products are built to exact RPA standards, guaranteed to last and offer complete peace of mind for the safety of your staff and your wallet.

Hand-Finished With Care

Particular attention is given to all our products, ensuring they complement their surroundings by matching your specification using our vast amount of available options (i.e., design, decoration, theme).

Second-to-None Service

Consistently aiming to please, we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service within our industry and will help you every step of the way.


What is the best PPE for nuclear radiation?

When it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) for nuclear radiation, the selection should be based on the specific radiation source and the level of exposure. PPE may include lead aprons, protective clothing, gloves, face shields, and respiratory protection devices. The choice of PPE should be made in consultation with radiation safety experts and in compliance with safety regulations.

Does aluminium foil block nuclear radiation?

Aluminium foil, while effective in blocking certain types of radiation, may not provide sufficient protection against nuclear radiation. Nuclear radiation consists of highly energetic particles and gamma rays that can penetrate most materials, including aluminium. For adequate protection against nuclear radiation, specialised shielding materials like lead or thick concrete are necessary.

How can we protect from nuclear radiation in the UK?

Protection from nuclear radiation in the UK follows similar principles to global radiation safety practices. This includes implementing time, distance, and shielding measures to reduce exposure. Facilities must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines and work with reputable suppliers, like Raybloc, to ensure the proper installation of shielding materials. Additionally, training staff on radiation safety protocols and having well-prepared emergency response plans are crucial components of radiation protection in the UK.

Products for the Nuclear sector


Sense-X® Screen: A Visionary Workstation for Visionary X-Ray Rooms

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Modular Fixed Operator X-Ray Screens

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Lead Lined Door Sets

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window - Raybloc Xray Protection

X-Ray Protective Viewing Windows

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Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights

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Mobile X-ray Screens

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Lead Lined Boards

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Lead Chevron Bricks

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Radiation Protective Lead Glass


I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Cordery Build – Brentford

We trawled the internet to look for a company to build us an X-ray room. How lucky were we to find Raybloc, two miles down the road! You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer bunch of people. Very professional and very helpful. A superb company to deal with.

Managing Director – NDT Midlands

Wolverson X-ray have used Raybloc products now for a number of years and we consider them to be of exceptional quality with great service backup, in addition to off-the-shelf items, Sean and his team are happy to carry out design to bespoke specifications, the new range of Xray protection screens and flush fit warning light systems are particularly good, we have commissioned these items for many X-ray room installations, and consider Raybloc the ‘go to’ company for this product and we would highly recommend taking a look at their portfolio, you will not be disappointed.

Graham Haslam – Sales Director at Wolverson Xray

I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Eric Chant – Director at Mount Vets Ltd

A truly helpful and knowledgeable team. Great products and 5* service.

Koleen Godfrey – Fluke Corporation

Case Studies

Fujifilm House Bedford Glass - Raybloc Xray Protection

Fujifilm House Bedford

Singleton Hospital Swansea

Singleton Hospital Swansea

Aberystwyth Door and Screen 2

Bronglais Hospital Aberystwyth

Heartlands_Screen -Raybloc Xray Protection

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window - Raybloc Xray Protection

Leeds General Infirmary – Cath Labs

CT scan room - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Pen Y Byrn Joinery – Denbighshire, Wales

Cordery-Build-Brentford - Raybloc Xray Protection

Case Study: Cordery Build – Brentford

Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital – Wellington

Calder Vets Case Study - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Calder Vets – Dewsbury

x-ray screens - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Bristol Royal Infirmary

Nuffield – Exeter - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Nuffield – Exeter

National Physical Laboratory Case Study - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

National Physical Laboratory

NDT Midlands Case Study - Raybloc Xray Protection

NDT Midlands


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