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Dental Practices

Working along side dental professionals to provide X-Ray protection the way you want it.

Founded in 1999, Raybloc is a family company that has been working alongside dental professionals and their builders to obtain a full understanding of their requirements, bringing an affordable, cost-effective yet fully bespoke product to your surgery.

Raybloc is a strong believer in listening to the feedback of dental professionals in order to meet their needs. Our range of our products – including X-Ray shielding glass and mobile X-Ray screens – has been adapted over many years of experience through customer feedback to now offer multiple options for different applications at the highest quality and a delivery time to suit you. The products which we feel are best suited to your are shown below – please take a look and contact us if you have any requests or questions.

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Why Choose Raybloc For Dental Radiation Protection Products

A distinguished history working alongside architects, designers, medical professionals to create the most safe, effective and affordable solutions towards dental X-Ray protection.

Built to exact RPA standards, guaranteed to last and offer a complete piece of mind for the safety of your staff.

Use only the highest quality materials available to withstand the weight of a lead core, all built to NHS HTM standards for a long lasting, durable finished product.

Fast turn around and delivery.

Many items in stock.

Product detail, fitting instruction and professional advice every step of the way.

Working alongside with your builder to meet your every need as simple and efficient as possible.

Consistently aiming to please, we pride ourselves on giving great customer service and help every step of the way.

Products for Dental Practices

Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights - Rayboc Xray Protection

Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights

Xray Door Sets - raybloc xray protection Limited

Door Sets

Modular Fixed X-Ray Screens - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Modular Fixed X-Ray Screens

FIXED OPERATOR X-RAY SCREENS - Raybloc xray protection

Fixed Operator X-Ray Screens

Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Mobile X-Ray Screens

xray glass -Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Lead Panel Products

x-ray protection glass - raybloc x-ray protection

X-Ray Shielding Glass

xray viewing screen - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window