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We are commonly asked by our customers for what level of radiation protection would be required for their X-Ray dental surgery, veterinary practice, radiation facility etc. However, Raybloc cannot specify this - it must be carried out by a responsible radiation physicist.

To help our clients, we are compiling a comprehensive list of RPAs (Radiation Protection Advisers) which can be contacted to assist in radiation shielding requirements.

63 Melchett Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
Birmingham, B30 3HP
Telephone: 0121 371 7000
E-mail: rrpps@uhb.nhs.uk

Radman Associates
Telephone: 01625 576000
E-mail: rhc@radman.co.uk

Market Cross UK Limited

Chesil House,
Dorset Innovation Park,
Winfrith Newburgh,
Dorchester DT2 8ZB
Telephone: 01929 401 040
E-mail: greg@marketcross.org


Radiation Protection Group
Medical Physics
Universal Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Telephone: 02381 206 882
E-mail: Radprot@uhs.nhs.uk

Graham Hart – RPA / LPA
Simon Hart – Office Manager
96 Sefton Road
Morecambe, Lancashire LA3 1UD
Telephone: 07438 654546 (RPA/LPA Issues)
Telephone: 07438 654523 (Administration)
E-mail: YourRPA@yahoo.co.uk

Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd
Telephone: 01517 096 296

Description: Specialists in Dentistry
Trevelyan Foy – Radiation Protection Adviser
Lea Hurst, Devoran, Truro, TR3 6NQ
Telephone: 01872 492 495
E-mail: info@CompleteRPA.co.uk

Public Health England
Description: Major industry sectors as well as to users in the fields of education, research, medicine and veterinary practices
Telephone: 01132 679 041
E-mail: leeds@phe.gov.uk

Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services Ltd
Enterprise Drive, Westhill Industrial Estate,
Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6TQ.
Telephone: 01224 749 784
E-mail: arps@aberdeenradiation.co.uk 

Ionactive Consulting Limited
Mark Ramsay – Radiation Protection Advisor
400 Thames Valley Park Drive,
Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1PT
Telephone: 07841 435 377
E-mail: mark.ramsay@ionactive.co.uk

Public Health England
Description: Services for the dental community
Dental X-ray Protection Services – DXPS
Telephone: 01132 127 430
E-mail: dxps.admin@phe.gov.uk

Hullrad Radiation Protection Advice & Services
Queen’s Centre, Castle hill Hospital, East Yorkshire, HU16 5JQ
Telephone: 01482 461330
E-mail: office@hullrad.org.uk

Radiation Protection Advice and Services 
Michael O’Mahony
Telephone: 01132 677 272
E-mail: michael.omahony@rapas.co.uk

Radiation Protection Services
Sharon Packer
St. Luke’s Hospital, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford, BD5 0NA
Telephone: 01274 383797
E-mail: Sharan.packer@bthft.nhs.uk

Matthew Dunn
Head of Radiology Physics
Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Derby Road, Nottingham, NG7 2UH
Telephone: +44 (0)115 9249924 ext 64899
E-mail: matthew.dunn@nuh.nhs.uk

RPA Plus
Niall Higbee
Telephone: 05603325738
E-mail: niallhigbee@btinternet.com

Cerberus Nuclear
Daniel Cork
Telephone: 01925 357311
Mobile: 07930185795
E-mail: Daniel.cork@cerberusnuclear.com


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