Raybloc’s Review of UKRC 2017

Raybloc were one of the 110 exhibitors at this years UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress in Manchester, 12th – 14th June.

Firstly, time for some thanks. The team at Raybloc all agree that the event was fantastic, so a big thank you to the organisers, fellow exhibitors and attendees (all 2000+ of you!).

It was great to meet so many people who like us, are extremely passionate about their work and enjoy supporting their communities and healthcare industries.

We were very grateful of all of the positive feedback on the launch of our new modular fixed operator screen and display of our ever-popular flush mounted warning lights, both displayed at the UKRC event.

The feedback on the screen came from so many different people, with architects saying, “the screen is much more modern and aesthetically pleasing” “it will really help get some facilities in to the 21st century and replace the bulky 20year old style screen” whilst radiographers loved how “clean” it looked and said they would “love to work behind one of those screens, they are much more open and wouldn’t feel claustrophobic”. Contractors loved the screen too as it will take much less time to install as it is modular.

As expected – the feedback on our greatly loved, unique to Raybloc, Flush mounted LED warning lights was fantastic too. It was great to hear so many people recognised them from their hospitals and how much they preferred them to the old ‘big box’ style at the side of the door, not just for their great position but for the fact the colours were so bold and did not fade, and had an “i-pad appearance” and how “modern” they are. RPA’s (Radiation Protection Agents) loved the fact the warning lights are so clear and at perfect eye level – also that the wording can be customised to anything that is required, meaning they can request them to be in many rooms, such as X-ray, CT, Laser etc.

We are happy to say, due to the positive feedback we have had from the show, we will be exhibiting at more shows over this next year! Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages to see where we will be next, we would love to see you all!

UKRCO Raybloc Xray Protection X-ray screen
Some of the Raybloc team at the UKRC Manchester 2017 event in June.
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