Raybloc’s 2023 New Year Resolutions… and what it means for you!

The festive period has ended, and with it comes a bright shiny new year! As we turn to this new chapter, people look to make changes for the better moving forward with New Year’s resolutions, and Raybloc is certainly no exception! All the team here at Raybloc are fired up with the coming of these new developments given how they will transform our customer’s experience for radiation shielding, so it would only be fair to share what is coming in the next twelve months with you all to get you excited too! This article will delve into some of the significant changes coming this year and how they will help you get more from Raybloc and your radiation protection needs.

Doubling Capacity

There is no point ignoring the elephant in the room regarding the high demand for Raybloc hand-crafted products — of course, we are talking about delivery lead times. The forefront of all decisions made at Raybloc is to ensure that they meet the demands of the customer – this is why we are currently having a new workshop being constructed on our premises that will be able to take on over double the current capacity of radiation protection door sets, viewing windows, x-ray screens, lead-lined boards, and lead chevron blocks. With a larger capacity, we are able to construct a greater quantity of our products, meaning more supply for the great demand for top-quality X-ray protective products.

New workshop site construction
Increasing Support

The team at Raybloc are dedicated to achieving the greatest, 5-star service available in the radiation shielding industry. This means that we also need to grow and develop the team to help ensure this level of service is presented to each and every one of our customers as we continue to expand and excel. Raybloc will be hiring new members to join the team who are aligned with this mission, both in the workshop — to meet supply demands — and in the office to help guide and produce results directly to you. When you come to Raybloc for your radiation shielding needs, you can be assured that you will deal with the best in the industry who will walk you through every step.

Accelerating Processes

With a brand-new workspace and an increased number of professional team members comes the perfect blend of expansion and development. To ensure a consistently high-quality product and service, Raybloc is putting extensive work into incorporating new internal systems to streamline processes to make the customer experience even smoother. How exactly? Our new technical systems will increase efficiency and allow us to help you through the customer service process even more extensively. Not only this, but additional time can also be used to continue to constantly improve the processes to become as easy as possible for everybody, whilst maintaining the bespoke nature of our products that we hold so dearly.

CNC machine radiation shielding door leafRadiation shielding X-ray screen PVC edge cutting
Broadening Product Range

Lead protection is necessary for a plethora of areas where radiation is involved. This may be intensive, nuclear applications or as little as the low-dose X-rays used for dental imaging. Whatever radiation protection may mean for you, Raybloc aims to be the enterprise responsible for protecting against it. All Raybloc products that we currently manufacture are involved in the construction of rooms, whether that be the walls, doors, windows, or control booths, however, lead protection doesn’t stop there. This year, Raybloc aims to cover all bases of X-ray protection – allowing customers to receive the same top-quality they receive in our hardwood products and X-ray booths, but in other radiation shielding products.

Hardwood timber frames and architraves
Heading Abroad

With hitting the ground running into 2023, not only are we scaling up, but we are also scaling out! Since the founding of Raybloc in 1999, it has been a company goal to ensure that every hospital in the United Kingdom receives X-ray protection to a high-quality standard that is befitting to the requests of: the RPAs who set the conditions of radiation protection; the radiologists who will be using our products on a day-to-day basis; the architects who design the facility; and of course, the patients whom we aim to ease through the process of radiation shielding, for whatever reason it may be. Although we believe this goal is still well underway, we are now in a position where we can expand our horizons and be able to deliver our products internationally. This year, we are enabling the opportunity to receive world-class X-ray protection worldwide.

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At Raybloc, we have over 35 years of experience in supplying and installing quality radiation protection products. As industry leaders in X-ray protection, we’ve built our reputation on protecting people from the dangers of radiation across various industries. For more information on how Raybloc products can help you and your organisation move forward in 2023, speak to one of our X-ray protection experts today.

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