Raybloc X-ray Protection Turns 20

It is official… we have just celebrated a big birthday as a West Midlands based X-ray shielding manufacturing company! We have now been providing innovation in X-ray Shielding designs across the UK and internationally for two decades!

Raybloc X-Ray Protection - 20th Birthday

The past 20 years have seen Raybloc’s MD, Sean Haydon, and the team designing and developing high end quality products. All of which are bespoke manufactured in house from the specialised X-ray warning lights that are set flush in to lead lined X-ray protective doors to taking X-ray shielding screens into the 21st century in a design that features a glass finish all the way to the top whilst meeting high infection control standards to provide the highest level in both style and protection.

Raybloc have proudly work with a wide range of private medical practices, Vets, Dentists and large-scale NHS and private hospitals.

The entire team at Raybloc X-ray Protection would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of our customers who have ever contacted us to work with them in their X-ray shielding needs over these 20 years, we really wouldn’t be where we are without you all, so THANK YOU! We look forward to working with you all again and for meeting more of you in the years to come.

To learn more about how Raybloc can help protect you, your staff, and patients from X-rays speak to one of our X-ray protection experts on 01902 633383 or email enquiries@raybloc.co.uk

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