Radiation Protection and Aesthetics: What Finishes Can I Have On My X-Ray Door Set?

In the realm of radiation protection, the confluence of safety and design aesthetics plays a pivotal role in the creation of environments that are both secure and visually appealing. Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd stands at the forefront of this intersection, offering bespoke, lead-lined doorsets that marry expert craftsmanship with advanced radiation shielding technology. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by a 10-year guarantee on material and workmanship, alongside a 10-year radiation shielding warranty, provided installation is carried out by our specialist fitters.

This blog will detail the available range of finishes when having your specialist doorset manufactured by our dedicated team to provide you with full confidence in your decisions when working on your next radiation shielding project.

The Importance of X-Ray Doorset Design for Radiation Protection

The design of an X-ray door is critical in ensuring the safety and efficacy of radiation protection within medical, dental, and industrial facilities. These doors are not only a barrier against radiation leakage but also a key component in the overall aesthetic and functional design of a space. The ability to offer a range of finishes allows our doors to be seamlessly integrated into any design specification, ensuring both protection and visual harmony.

Available Door Finishes for Radiation Protective Door Sets

Our radiation-protective doorsets are available in a variety of finishes, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Each finish is applied with precision, ensuring durability and continued protection against radiation. No matter the finish, your doorset will come complete from Raybloc with a 10 year material & workmanship guarantee to provide you with the confidence that your doorset has been built to stand the test of time.

Real Hardwood Veneer

Our real hardwood veneer option offers a classic, elegant appearance, bringing warmth and natural beauty to any room. The veneer is carefully selected, book-matched, and applied by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring a high-quality finish that highlights the wood’s natural grain and makes each door unique.

Although more expensive than primer-painted and laminate finishes, lacquered veneer lead-lined door sets will make any room look professional – you sometimes can’t beat the traditional look!

Primer Painted

For those seeking a customisable colour option, our primer-painted doors provide an excellent base for any paint finish. This option allows for flexibility in design, enabling the door to be painted to match or contrast with the room’s colour scheme. Primer-painted door sets cost the same as laminate doorsets, both of which are excellent for providing a budget solution without compromising aesthetics – we’ll leave this decision in your hands.

Plastic Laminate with Hardwood Lippings

Combining durability with design flexibility, our plastic laminate finishes come with hardwood lippings, offering a balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality. This option is ideal for high-traffic areas, providing a resistant surface against scratches and impacts. We work with a large range of laminate suppliers to ensure we can offer the colour you have in mind.

In conjunction with lippings of your choice, laminate-faced lead lined doorsets are an excellent go-to option for most of our clients given their vibrant appearance, affordability, and plethora of options in visual design.

Fully PVC Encapsulated

For environments requiring the utmost in hygiene and ease of cleaning, our fully PVC encapsulated doors are unmatched. This finish ensures that the door is completely sealed, preventing the ingress of moisture and bacteria, making it perfect for hospitals and laboratories. Raybloc works with a wide range of PVC suppliers to meet all of your design requirements.

We are also proud to be the only manufacturer of radiation-protective doorsets that can offer a rebated meeting stile between door leaves on PVC-wrapped doorsets, doing away with the traditional lead-lined astragal strip that creates an unnecessary dust trap and can leave the controlled area unusable should it be accidentally detached from the doorset due to damage from passing trolleys or otherwise.

Lead Lined Doorsets - Raybloc

Design Features of Lead Lined Doors

Each of our doorsets is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. The inclusion of lead shielding within the frame, door leaf, and architraves ensures comprehensive protection against radiation, while our range of design features, including bespoke ironmongery options, allows for complete customisation and suitability to any project.

Our patented frame design contains an intricate maze of lead to prevent even scatter radiation, an ever-growing concern of Radiation Protection Advisors as X-ray generators become more powerful and complex as technology advances.

Handing or Sliding Arrangements

To accommodate varying spatial requirements and preferences, our doorsets are available in both hinged and sliding configurations. This versatility ensures that our doors can be integrated into any setting, providing optimal functionality without compromising on safety or aesthetics.

Factory Fitted Lead-Lined Vision Panels (Optional)

Our optional lead-lined vision panels, available with hardwood beading, PVC beading on fully encapsulated doorsets, or flush with the door face, enhance functionality and safety. Our door sets have been fire-tested with each type of glazing to ensure that our doors provide not only radiation protection but also fire resistance where necessary. All of Raybloc’s doorsets are available in NFR, FD30S, and FD60S.

Door-Mounted Flush Warning Lights (Optional)

For added safety, we can also offer door-mounted flush warning lights as part of your doorset to do away with old-fashioned wall-mounted warning lights and also save installation time. These lights serve as an active safety feature, indicating when radiation is being used within the room, enhancing the protective measures of the environment.

Lead Shielding Core in the Frame, Door Leaf, and Architraves

At the heart of our radiation-protective door sets is the lead shielding core. This core is meticulously integrated into the door frame, leaf, and architraves, providing unparalleled protection against radiation leakage.

Available in Lead Thickness of 1.32 mm Upwards

Our doors are manufactured with lead thickness starting from code 3, equating to 1.32 mm of lead shielding, and upwards. This ensures compliance with radiation protection advisory standards. This range of thicknesses allows for customisation based on specific shielding requirements.


What are X-ray room doors made of?

X-ray room doors are constructed with a core of lead or equivalent radiation-shielding material, enveloped in materials such as wood, steel, or PVC, depending on the finish. This construction ensures both aesthetic appeal and effective protection against radiation. Raybloc manufacture and install bespoke X ray doors designed to meet your exact requirements.

Are all X-ray doors fire-resistant?

Not necessarily, but that’s not to say they can’t be! Each finish of our X-ray doors have been fire tested and passed with flying colours, ensuring that they provide not only radiation protection but also fire resistance when necessary, enhancing the safety of the environment.

What is the cheapest finish for a radiation-protective door?

While cost can vary based on specifications and finishes, primer-painted and laminate doors represent the most cost-effective option, providing a versatile base for any colour finish to match the design requirements of the space.

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