Changing the Game: Raybloc’s Exclusive New Feature for Lead-lined PVC Encapsulated Door Sets

What are PVC Encapsulated Door Sets?

If you require a radiation-protective door set that is bash-resistant, easily wipe-cleanable, and pleasing to the eye, look no further than our plastic post-formed doorsets. These doors are entirely wrapped in a thick plastic laminate around the door leaves, the timber frame, and hardwood architraves to provide a rounded plastic finish that is both durable and easy to clean due to its radius edges.

To provide the penultimate door set, Raybloc can manufacture flush-mounted warning lights and flush-glazed vision panels for these doors, perfect for hygienic environments such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

 PVC Rebate Door - Raybloc Xray Protection

Durable Finish for Hospitals and Health Centres

Medical facilities can get extremely busy, and without a fully functioning lead-lined doorset to a controlled radiation area, the room is unable to operate as there is potential for radiation leakage and access issues. This means patients will be unable to receive treatment and diagnoses. This of course is a huge problem for the likes of the NHS which is already struggling with long wait times for patients requiring their facilities.

To reduce the chances of this happening, doubling down on the durability of your doors is always a wise idea, and this can be easily facilitated by PVC-wrapped doorsets. The high-pressure laminates that are shaped around the exterior of these doors, frames, and architraves are resistant to the impact of hospital beds and trolleys, which is necessary for emergency situations.

With that being said, one feature of PVC post-formed door sets often falls short, and that is the astragal meeting stile required to provide a lead overlap between door leaves on double and leaf-and-a-half doorsets.

PVC Rebate Door 2 -Raybloc Xray Protection

The Problem: Astragal Meeting Stiles

On double and leaf-and-a-half lead-lined doors, it is essential that there is no radiation leakage between the doors. To prevent this from happening, standard radiation shielding doorsets have a rebated meeting stile where the lead within the door extends over to the next, eliminating any potential shine path. However, due to the complexity of bending PVC around these rebates, a lead-lined astragal strip is used instead. These strips are retrofitted onto the face of the door and clipped into place. Although this is a quick fix, it does pose certain issues.

Despite the high durability of a PVC-wrapped door set, the astragal strip is notorious for becoming detached from the door if it is bashed against. As mentioned previously, potential radiation leakage from the doors will mean that the room is no longer fit for use and can cause serious problems by increasing wait times and preventing patients from receiving treatment.

This is exactly what will happen if an astragal strip is displaced from between the leaves of your radiation shielding door set;  its shielding properties are compromised and the room can no longer be used until the problem is amended. Raybloc has addressed this problem by coming up with a solution.

The Solution: Rebated Meeting Stiles

All of Raybloc’s door sets are hand-finished by experienced, expert carpenters and joiners. The hand-crafted nature of our doors means that, unlike standard door manufacturers, we are able to take on intricate processes to suit our exact customers’ needs.

We are proud to announce that Raybloc will be parting ways with astragal strips for PVC finished doors and are now capable of replicating the rebated meeting stile of our other doors for our hygiene friendly PVC-wrapped doorsets. This means that our customers will no longer have the concern of their doors potentially breaking apart with our new, maintenance free PVC encapsulated doorsets.

PVC Rebate Door 3 -Raybloc Xray Protection

Why Choose Raybloc’s Fully Encapsulated Door Sets?

Not only are Raybloc’s postformed doorsets competitively costed whilst remaining one of the highest quality manufacturers of lead-lined doors available on the market, but we are also the only radiation shielding company that can offer rebates on our plastic post-formed dual leaf doorsets. This feature prevents downtime for your doorsets, a sleeker appearance as well as being far easier to clean than the conventional astragal meeting stile. Combined with flush glazed vision panels and warning lights, there are no radiation-protective products on the market quite like ours.

All of our doorsets are available in a wide range of colours and textures and are made entirely to your exact specification. All of our doors can be supplied and installed directly by us, the manufacturer.


How much does a PVC Encapsulated Door Set cost?

PVC-wrapped doorsets are the most expensive finish in our door range given the extra time and material used to wrap the doors. A fully PVC lead-lined double door set with a rebated meeting stile starts at approximately £6,500 + VAT including the complete set of lead-lined door leaves, frame, and architrave.

Are PVC Encapsulated Door Sets X-ray protective?

PVC does not offer any radiation-attenuating properties, however, Raybloc offers PVC wrapping on our lead-lined doors, frames, and architraves to provide an impact-resistant, highly hygienic finish that stop X-rays to your exact specification.

What is an encapsulated door?

To provide an extra layer of protection to your doors, our leaves, frame, and architraves can be carefully wrapped in high-pressure laminate to leave an easy-to-clean finish that is suitable for hygienic environments such as hospitals and other medical sectors. Combined with flush vision panels and warning lights, Raybloc’s PVC encapsulated doorsets play an integral part in keeping clinical environments clean, modern, and effective.

To find out more about our X-ray protection products, download our eBook today.

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