x-ray glass

Leaded radiation glass giving a clear view while providing radiation protection

We are a major supplier of x-ray glass across the UK, which is lead lined to make for the ultimate radiation glass solution. Offering a fast reliable delivery of various size glazed units from small door vision panels to large control room viewing windows. Our X-ray glass is ideal for use in X-ray rooms for dentists, vets, hospital X-ray or CT departments.

Lead lined X-Ray glass uses the lead as a form of protection to shield from radiation to reduce the effective dose given. Lead makes the perfect choice for xray glass due to its high density and atomic number it can effectively satisfy certain radiation.

Radiation shielding xray glass can be supplied with lead equivalences ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm. If additional radiation protection is required then the sheet glass can be layered to any lead equivalence. Radiation shielding glass standard sizes of 800mm and 1000mm are available with widths up to 2000mm. Most standard sizes are available from stock and can usually be delivered within five to ten working days but please call us for availability.

Our X-ray glass can be supplied double glazed in a sealed unit with various other specialist glass to achieve properties such as FR30, FR60, Scratch resistant, Impact resistant etc. Lead glass can also be supplied laminated for extra durability or vinyl finished for one-way viewing in use as a privacy window.

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Why choose Raybloc for X-Ray Glass
  • Fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in the UK, Europe or world wide.
  • Very high quality product manufactured to meet European DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2.
  • Can be cut to any size or shape using our in-house water jet cutting facility, ideal for customised glass panels in doors, walls or specialist machinery.
  • Panes can be customised into double glazed units for fire rating, additional sound insulation, increased radiation protection to new or existing applications, or impact resistance.
  • Available as single panes of glass or with Raybloc custom built frames (see our Protective Viewing Windows).
X-ray Glass Specifications
Lead thicknesses and weights

Lead thickness is increased to achieve various levels of radiation protection as advised by an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor). Weights of various thickness of lead are shown on this illustration. Higher thickness of lead is available upon special request.