x-ray protective viewing window x-ray protective viewing window x-ray protective viewing window

Specially designed radiation windows and leaded glass for use in radiation protection

Raybloc manufacture fully bespoke lead lined and none lead X-ray window. Built to NHS HTM standards and the latest hygiene regulations in use in a medical, dentist, veterinary or a radiation environment. Our X-ray windows are available with multiple privacy panel options to make the working environment as simple and efficient as possible.

X-ray windows can be specified to any size or shape from small circular or rectangular vision panels in doors to large observation windows in lead lined plasterboard or lead chevron block walls.

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Our X-ray windows are available with multiple privacy panel options to make the working environment as simple and efficient as possible.

Why choose Raybloc for X-ray windows
  • All radiation window sets are manufactured in our own workshops by our own experienced craftsmen to insure consistant quality.
  • Each window set is pre assembled in our workshops to insure easy fitting saving our customers money on labour on site. All frames are manufactured to exact structural
  • Opening sizes, built from solid hardwood with a lead core to ensure a tried and tested method of X-ray protection to RPA specifications
  • A fast, simple ordering process ensures correct measurements for perfect fit on site first time.
  • Trusted radiation shielding manufacturer with decades of experience from expert craftsmen with hundreds of Raybloc radiation windows already installed throughout the UK.
Lead thicknesses and weights

Lead thickness is increased to achieve various levels of radiation protection as advised by an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor). Weights of various thickness of lead are shown on this illustration. Higher thickness of lead is available upon special request.

Frame Finishes

All our frames are made from hardwood to insure our X-ray windows have long term durability. Type of hardwood can be stated at time of order or finished primer

Window frames and architraves are available in the following finishes:

  • Paint grade primer painted
  • Hardwood (right) plain / lacquered / anti bacterial lacquered
  • Acrovynl Yeoman Shield/ PVC wrapped For the ultimate protection in impact and hygiene innovation, plastic wrapped frames are available using the leading manufacturers of PVC impact sheeting in the UK.
American Black Wallnut Ash
 American Black Wallnut  Ash
European Oak Koto
 European Oak  Koto
Sapele Steamed Beach
 Sapele  Steamed Beach
Glazing Options

Double Glazing Options

Although lead glass is not fire rated, double and triple glazed sealed unit can be formed to meet fire regulations. Any glass can be specifed with this method which allows the lead glass to also be double glazed with either fire resistant / insulation, sound insulation,

Privacy Film

Patient and operator privacy can be an issue in some work spaces. With this in mind Raybloc offer customers the option to have their radiation window glass layered with a film of their choice. Films are available in any range from one way film, tinted, opaque, strip obscured to coloured.

Polarized Glass

Polarized glass is unique to Raybloc and is the latest innovation in glass vision technology. Polarized glass has only been installed in North Staffordshire Hospitals so far and has proven a great success with great feed back from radiographers, RPA and area managers. Polarized glass is ideal for use in back to back rooms that use the same control room.

The X-ray window glass only allows the same light to pass through the one pane but not the second. The result is a complete black out pane when viewed through both windows, yet complete vision when viewing through just the one. This allows the radiographer to view both rooms from the control room with no mechanics or electronic switches involved as it is the glass its self that stops the light. However, although the patient can still see the radiographer which provides them with comfort, the patient can not see the patient in the opposite room, all they see is a blacked out pane of glass. For extra detail on this please enquire.

Polarized Glass

Visibloc LCD Switchable Glass

We sse the latest innovation of liquid crystal glass to create the ultimate privacy panel. The radiation winow glass changes state from opaque to completley transparent with 100% unobstructed vision. No moving parts so totally maintanence free. Perfect for use in operating theatres, X-ray rooms, consultant rooms and surgeries where patient and staff privacy is important.

Incorporated directly into Raybloc doors using Rayblocs unique electronic door invisible wire system. Replaces conventional dirt trapping mechanical blinds to comply with the latest infection control requirements. Can be operated remotely from anywhere in the room or control room.
Visibloc LCD Switchable Glass