Flush Mounted Door Lights

X-ray warning lights, where they should be… on the door!

Our X-ray Warning Lights use the latest innovation of LED flat panel light dispersing technology to create the ultimate X-ray exposure door warning light. For the first time ever, using flat panel LED technology, we are able to flush mount warning lights directly into our X-ray doors.

Totally flushed into the surface of the door, and sealed for life. Complies perfectly with infection control requirements. You wipe the door, you wipe the light!

CE marked, RPA approved and meets all UK and European lighting legislations. Wording, symbols and colour is fully adaptable to suit your requirements.

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Totally maintenance free. Each light comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. No more blowing bulbs. Using only the highest standards of components, these light units are “built to last”.

Door mounted X-ray warning light benefits
  • No separate wall mounted boxes
  • Hygienic and easily wipe clean due to its flush fitting to the surface of the door
  • No above door mounting, lights are mounted at eye level as recommended by all RPA’s
  • No room confusion
  • No need for two boxes either side of the door entry, only one is required
  • Raybloc’s unique door manufacture method means that all wiring is completely concealed within the door and frame