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Sense-X® Screen: A Visionary Workstation for Visionary X-Ray Rooms

Introducing the Sense-X® Screen – Raybloc’s innovative response to the evolving needs of medical imaging environments, created based on patient, radiographer, and RPA feedback. Designed with cutting-edge features and built to enhance the safety, efficiency, and comfort of radiological procedures, the Sense-X® Screen is the ultimate solution for contemporary X-ray rooms.

Sense-X® Screen for Effective Radiation Protection in X-Ray Rooms

The Sense-X® Screen is designed to provide effective radiation protection in X-ray rooms, safeguarding both patients and healthcare staff from the harmful effects of scatter radiation. Engineered with up to 2.65mm Pb lead equivalence and available in heights up to 2.4 meters, the Sense-X® Screen ensures comprehensive coverage and superior protection during diagnostic procedures.

Its robust construction features polished glass edges for maximum visibility, allowing radiographers to monitor and manage imaging tasks with precision. Ideal for various medical settings, including hospitals, dental offices, and veterinary clinics, the Sense-X® Screen is a critical component in creating a safer, more controlled radiological environment. This advanced screening solution not only meets stringent safety standards but also integrates seamlessly into any X-ray room, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Key Features of Sense-X® Screen for X-Ray Protection

Our Sense-X® Screen brings together functionality and design to deliver the following key benefits:

  • – Hygienic flush finish
  • – No visible screw heads
  • – Room integrable LED lighting
  • – Polished glass edge for maximum visibility
  • – Up to 2.65mm Pb lead equivalence
  • – Available up to 2.4m tall

How Does a Sense-X® Screen Work?

The Sense-X® Screen combines superior lead shielding with aesthetic and functional features to protect against X-ray radiation while enhancing the radiology room’s environment. The flush finish and absence of exposed screws ensure easy cleaning and safety, while the customisable LED lighting adds a calming ambience that can be adjusted to the needs of patients and staff alike.

Sense-X 2.1

Experience Cost-Effective LED Mood Lighting in X-Ray Rooms

The integrated LED lighting in the Sense-X® Screen can be tailored to create a relaxing atmosphere, helping to reduce patient anxiety and improve the workflow of radiographers. This lighting feature is easy to integrate with existing room lights or can be operated independently, providing both ambient mood lighting and functional visibility. A two-in-one solution to achieve mood lighting and paramount shielding.

Maximum Visibility

The polished glass edges of the Sense-X® Screen are designed to ensure maximum visibility, allowing radiographers clear sight for better patient positioning and monitoring during procedures, whilst also creating a more open environment for a better workstation for staff, and a more comforting environment for the patients.

Hygienic Design

With its smooth surfaces and hidden fixtures, the Sense-X® Screen is engineered to be easily cleaned and disinfected, supporting infection control protocols in medical facilities. Each panel is edge-banded with PVC to complete the laminate panel and conceal the integral lead, combining the neoprene-sealed glass top half with the easy-to-clean bottom half.

Sense-X 4.1

Applications of The Sense-X® Screen for X-Ray Scan Rooms

The Sense-X® Screen is versatile enough for use in various settings, including:

Medical Imaging Rooms: These include general radiography rooms where routine X-ray imaging is performed, such as chest X-rays and orthopaedic X-rays.

Dental Clinics: Dental X-ray rooms use screens to protect against radiation during dental imaging procedures.

Veterinary Clinics: Similar to human medical settings, veterinary clinics use X-ray screens for imaging animals, ensuring safety for both the veterinary staff and the animal patients.

Hospitals and Clinics: Within larger medical facilities, X ray screens are used in multiple departments, including emergency rooms, orthopaedics, and intensive care units, where portable X-ray machines are often utilised.

Diagnostic and Imaging Centres: Facilities that specialise in diagnostic imaging use X-ray screens extensively across various radiographic applications.

Cancer Treatment Centres: Although primarily for diagnostic imaging, some cancer treatment facilities use X-ray screens as part of broader radiological practices that may include diagnostic procedures.

Cardiology Departments: Used during procedures that involve fluoroscopy (live X-ray imaging) to guide catheters or other tools within the body.

Orthopaedic Surgery Rooms: X-ray screens are used during surgeries that require real-time imaging to assist with the accurate placement of implants and other surgical procedures.

Industrial and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Facilities: Industries that require X-ray imaging for inspecting materials or components also use X-ray screens for safety.

Educational Institutions and Research Facilities: Universities and research centres that conduct experiments or educational programs involving radiation will also use X-ray screens to ensure safety.

Lead Thicknesses of The Sense-X® Screen

Offering lead equivalences up to 2.65mm Pb, the Sense-X® Screen provides robust radiation protection, meeting the safety requirements for a wide range of radiological applications.

Listening to Our Customers' Requirements

At Raybloc, we prioritise our customer feedback and continuously innovate to meet the specific needs of our clients. The Sense-X® Screen was developed as a direct result of listening to the need for more hygienic, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing radiation protection solutions to assist with anxiety reduction in clinical spaces.

Sense-X 6.1

Why Choose Our New Sense-X® Screen for Visionary X-ray Rooms?

Choose the Sense-X® Screen for its unparalleled protection, innovative LED mood lighting, and hygienic design, all contributing to a more efficient and stress-free radiology experience.

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Wolverson X-ray have used Raybloc products now for a number of years and we consider them to be of exceptional quality with great service backup, in addition to off-the-shelf items, Sean and his team are happy to carry out design to bespoke specifications, the new range of Xray protection screens and flush fit warning light systems are particularly good, we have commissioned these items for many X-ray room installations, and consider Raybloc the ‘go to’ company for this product and we would highly recommend taking a look at their portfolio, you will not be disappointed.

Graham Haslam – Sales Director at Wolverson Xray

I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Cordery Build – Brentford

I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Eric Chant – Director at Mount Vets Ltd

A truly helpful and knowledgeable team. Great products and 5* service.

Koleen Godfrey – Fluke Corporation

We trawled the internet to look for a company to build us an X-ray room. How lucky were we to find Raybloc, two miles down the road! You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer bunch of people. Very professional and very helpful. A superb company to deal with.

Managing Director – NDT Midlands

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