Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
X-Ray Screen - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Mobile X-Ray Screens

Mobile X-ray Screens for Protection against Radiation Equipment

Raybloc offers completely bespoke mobile radiation shielding screens that are manufactured to the most current NHS HTM and infection control standards. Mobiles are customisable in their entirety in terms of colour, glazing, and size; handcrafted to the highest possible quality possible from materials that are both sustainable and renewable. Available in heights up to 2000 mm and widths up to 3000 mm (for larger sizes, please contact our team).

Each panel is coated in a wipe-clean plastic laminate in your requested colour. Vinyl graphics can also be added to your screen upon request. These laminated panels are then flushed against U-shaped, powder-coated aluminium posts to offer bash resistance on the corners of the mobile and a rigid frame.

Raybloc’s mobile operator screens all come with heavy-duty, white powder-coated legs as standard with high-load lockable castors to suit. White powder-coated D-handles are mounted to the edges of the mobile screens for ease of mobility.

Types of Mobile Screen

Panoramic Screen

Panoramic shields are entirely glazed in their top halves with the X-ray glass meeting the powder-coated U-channel edges. These screens are the optimal choice for maximum visibility through the portable screen but are more expensive than screens containing less glass.

Flush Glazed Screen

On mobile shields that do not have glazing extending to the edges, Raybloc installs a standard 300mm x 300mm flush vision panel composed of lead glass into the laminated lead-lined panel to give an easy-clean finish over the entire surface. This is a great option for those looking for a more hygienic finish where visibility through the screen is less important, but still useful.

Solid Screen

Our cheapest option for mobile screens is to not include lead glass at all. These screens are popular where a false partition is needed or to temporarily block an entrance where a lead-lined door set is unsuitable.

How the Mobile X-ray Protection Screen Works

Medical facilities can often be short of space, so having a radiation-protective barrier that can be moved into place when required can be a massive bonus. All of our X-ray shields are composed of wood boards bonded to sheets of lead at your required thickness. For visibility through the screen, lead glass is installed into the panel, rated at the same level of protection as the solid panel. As long as you are behind the screen facing the radiation source at no closer than recommended by your Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA), you will be covered by exposure. Our mobiles are available from code 4, 1.80 mm Pb

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Why Choose Raybloc For Mobile X-Ray Screens

Feature One

Fully bespoke X-Ray shielding screens built to fit direct from Raybloc, the manufacturer.

Feature Two

Manufactured to the latest NHS HTM and infection control standards.

Feature Three

X-Ray screens are available in any colour laminate finish with a satin anodised smooth soft touch frame.

Feature Four

Raybloc’s X-Ray screens are designed to match existing decoration, exact dimensions and to the highest quality available from renewable sustainable materials.

Feature Five

Approved by RPA (Radiation Protection Advisers) with in the UK.

Feature Six

Raybloc’s X-Ray screens are available with fitted furniture, all bespoke to suit your exact requirements.

Feature Seven

Raybloc screens are pre-built in our workshops to ensure a perfect fit on site. Screens can be easily installed by any competent tradesmen.

Feature Eight

Raybloc’s uniquely designed aluminium framing provides a tough, smooth and tactile feel while also being pleasing to the eye with its rounded corners.

Mobile screens are fully customisable, not only in length and height but in a range of finishes and furniture, all to match the existing surrounding environment. Larger screens allow for extra fixtures allowing the screen to be used as a mobile work station, all customised to suit to make your life a lot easier.

Additional options can include:

  • Custom built full or part length shelving
  • White boards
  • Drop down shelving
  • Louvre panels for hanging storage boxes
  • Custom built worktops
  • Custom built drawers
  • Cupboard units
  • High triangular end privacy panels
  • Low level triangular panels
  • Lead glass vision panels
  • Lead glass Vistmatics
  • Lead glass LCD Visibloc switchable glass
  • Apron hangers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Apron dispensers
  • Glove dispensers

Lead thickness is increased to achieve various levels of radiation protection as advised by an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisers). Weights of various thickness of lead are shown on this illustration.
Higher thickness of lead is available upon special request.

Lead Codes - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

X-Ray protective screens come with a high pressure plastic laminate as standard. At no extra cost you can choose any colour from our standard range. On request any brand of laminate or colour is available if it is not available within in our standard range.

Additionally worktops are also available in a colour laminate to suit the colour screen of the medical room or the screen itself. To suit the diverse range of environments screens can be laminate finished in any colour to suit your needs. To see samples of our standard colour range please see this link

Listening to our customers requirements

Here at Raybloc we have listened to our customers and over the years of positive feedback we have evolved our product line away from the traditional bulky style screen into a slim, modern style and design that is hygiene friendly. One of our proud designs is Raybloc’s unique screen feature with its rounded U-shaped edging which supersedes the wide box section present on most screens.

This feature offers a smooth to the touch rounded end that is more impact resistant than alternatives, easily cleanable and less of a trap for dirt and grime that lead to an unhygienic environment. This feature also lends itself to the product being structurally stronger and more eye-pleasing than other mobile X-Ray screens.

This design is the direct result of years of feedback from radiologists giving us here at Raybloc the confidence to be able to bring the best product to the market that is built to last and best suited to the medical professional’s job.

Mobile X-Ray Screen - Hygiene X - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

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