Lead Panel Products - - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Lead Panel Products - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Lead Panel Products - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Lead Panel Products - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Lead Panel Products - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Lead Lined Panels

Lead Lined Plasterboards or Plywood for Lining of Radiation Exposed Rooms

A range of high-pressure, lead-bonded building materials for effective lead-lining. Raybloc supplies and installs lead lined boards, plasterboard and lead lined plywood, available at a standard thickness of 12.5mm excluding lead thickness. Greater thicknesses can also be supplied and installed upon request.

These boards are commonly used to prevent radiation leakage through walls, floors, and ceilings within facilities that require radiation protection up to a lead equivalence of 10mm Pb. Examples include X-ray rooms in veterinary practices, dental surgeries and hospitals, CT rooms, and radiation research facilities. If you require a lead equivalence greater than 10mm Pb, please see our product page on lead chevrons.

Why use lead lined X-ray protective boards

Lead is an effective standard used in radiation shielding practices given its malleability, cost, and high density. Lead sheets are manufactured in lead mills into rolls at a certain thickness, before being bonded to our boards at high heat and pressure to make lead-lined panels. The thicknesses they are made to are in accordance with lead codes. At Raybloc, we supply boards from code 3 (1.32mm Pb) up to code 8 (3.55mm Pb). These can be stacked to achieve a greater thickness of lead where necessary.

To ensure full lead coverage across a wall or ceiling, all of our radiation protective boards come complete with leaded battens for fixing onto solid walls and ceilings (e.g. block work) or lead strips (lead fillets) for fixing onto timber battens (e.g. stud work). Battens and strips prevent leakage between boards to make certain your room is completely protected to the standards of the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) specified for your project.

Fitting lead lined plasterboard & plywood for X-ray Shielding

Radiation protective panels are smaller than standard boards given they must take the load of the lead metal that is bonded to them. The standard size of board that we supply and install is 2400mm x 600mm to reduce the amount of weight of the lead lined panels. These require handling by at least two people, given each board weighs a minimum of 20kg, even with a thin layer of lead.

Since gypsum plasterboard is less structurally strong than plywood, lead plasterboard is limited to code 5 lead to prevent them from breaking once installed under its own weight. X-ray protection that requires code 6, code 7, and code 8 lead panels can only be mounted on plywood boards.

All of our lead-lined sheets can be supplied to the site and installed by our team of experienced radiation protection fitters.

Other uses of lead-lined boards

As well as being used for X-ray shields, lead-lined boards come with additional benefits. When compared to regular drywall and plywood boards, leaded boards have acoustic properties, preventing noise from transferring between rooms. This makes lead-lined panels effective for places like cinemas and studios where sound dampening is a necessity.

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Why Choose Raybloc For Lead Lined Materials

Feature One

Fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in Europe.

Feature Two

High pressure bonded to an array of boarding material, bespoke designed to suit your installation specification.

Feature Three

A range of lead thicknesses to suit any application from dental to CT to industrial.

Feature Four

Tried and tested bonding method as carried out in hundreds of hospital locations throughout the UK guaranteeing a life-time bond for maximum safety and piece of mind.

Lead thicknesses are altered to achieve various levels of radiation protection, determined by an RPA (Radiation Protection Adviser). Weights of various thickness of lead are shown on this illustration. Higher thickness of lead is available upon special request.

thumbnail_Lead Code Table

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I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Eric Chant – Director at Mount Vets Ltd

Wolverson X-ray have used Raybloc products now for a number of years and we consider them to be of exceptional quality with great service backup, in addition to off-the-shelf items, Sean and his team are happy to carry out design to bespoke specifications, the new range of Xray protection screens and flush fit warning light systems are particularly good, we have commissioned these items for many X-ray room installations, and consider Raybloc the ‘go to’ company for this product and we would highly recommend taking a look at their portfolio, you will not be disappointed.

Graham Haslam – Sales Director at Wolverson Xray

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