x-ray doors - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
x-ray doors - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
lead lined door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
X-ray Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
X-ray Door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
lead lined door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
X-ray Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
x-ray doors - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
lead lined door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
Xray Door Sets - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
x-ray doors - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
lead lined door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection
lead lined door - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

X-Ray Protective Lead-Lined Doorsets

Bespoke lead lined X-ray door sets for radiation protection

Raybloc manufacture fully customisable X-ray protective lead lined and none lead lined door sets. They are manufactured to the latest hygiene regulations (NHS HTM 58) in infection control for use in a medical, dental, veterinary or radioactive environment.

Designed to match existing decoration, exact dimensions and to the highest quality available the door sets provide maximum radiation protection while still providing an aesthetic look and finish. The xray doorsets are constructed in our own unique tried and tested manufacturing methods with over 30 years experience to insure maximum radiation protection to the highest quality available on the market today with in the United Kingdom.

X-ray protective door sets are available in a range of finishes ranging from real wood veneer, pre primer painted, plastic laminate or PVC. Warning lights and various ironmongery can also be supplied.

Hinged Door Sets

Using heavy-duty lift-off hinges, Raybloc manufactures swing-open door-sets that are capable of operating under the weight of the lead metal contained in these doors up to a lead equivalence of code 8, 3.55mmPb. Heavy lead door sets ranging from 4mm Pb to 20mm Pb are available on request, using specialised ironmongery and construction methods to be able to take this additional weight.

Single Doorsets

Single doorsets are the most basic form of an effective radiation-protective opening into a room, achieving a complete lead shield by overlapping the lead contained in the leaf with the door frame. The doorsets leaded frame and architrave ensure lead coverage between the door and the wall.

Double Doorsets

Double, or leaf-and-a-half lead-lined doors provide full radiation protection by having a leaded rebated meeting stile between doors. Astragal strips may be used if the door leaves are finished in PVC encapsulation, although Raybloc are the only lead-lined door manufacturer that can also offer rebated PVC meeting stiles on their dual-leaf doorsets.

Sliding Doors

Sliding lead lined doors are the most simple in that they only require a leaf to be lead lined. This leaf is fixed to a pelmet/track and overlaps with the wall to give radiation shielding coverage around its entire perimeter.

Door Protection

Our doors are manufactured to whatever lead equivalence you require to save you from being overcharged whilst also meeting the requirements specified by your Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA). The below table details the lead code that is used to suit the RPA requirements for each of our products.

RPA Lead Shielding Requirement Lead Equivalence Used
1.0mm Code 3 (1.32mm)
1.5mm Code 4 (1.80mm)
2.0mm Code 5 (2.24mm)
2.5mm Code 6 (2.65mm)
3.0mm Code 7 (3.15mm)
3.5mm Code 8 (3.55mm)

Our lead protection does not stop there. Raybloc has vast experience in constructing door sets that reach up to 20mm of lead for heavy-duty radiation projects.

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Why Choose Raybloc For X-Ray Doors

Feature One

All door sets are manufactured in our own workshops by our own experienced craftsmen to insure consistent quality.

Feature Two

Each door set is pre-hung and assembled in our workshops to ensure easy fitting on site, saving our customers money on labour on site.

Feature Three

Door pairs come as standard with rebated flush meeting styles (astragal strip also available). All frames are manufactured to exact structural opening sizes, built from solid hardwood without separate plant on strips.

Feature Four

Door leaves are pre-finished and lacquered in our factory, saving customers time and money on site.

Feature Five

Fitting of extra furniture at time of manufacture available on request to insure perfect fitting.

Feature Six

Fast delivery times from 48 hours.

Lead thickness is increased to achieve various levels of radiation protection as advised by an RPA (Radiation Protection Adviser). Weights of various thickness of lead are shown on this illustration. Higher thickness of lead is available upon special request.

Lead Code Table


All doorsets are fitted as standard with Royde & Tucker HlOl Hi-Load lift off hinges to ensure ease of fitting, endurance and long-lasting strength capabilities for the lead doors.

Ironmongery, such as door closers, locks, handles and kick plates etc, can be factory-fitted by our own carpenters to high standards to suit any ironmongery specification to match any environment.

Illustration shows Hi-Load lift off hinges, lock and handle fittings within a door and frame. No lead is ever exposed on any of our door leaves, which is unique to Raybloc doors. This offers long-term durability and prevents the “lead peal” effect that is seen on most lead lined doors in hospitals.

Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection

Door sets are available in the following finishes:

  • Unfinished
  • Paint grade primer painted
  • Real wood veneer

All our door frames are made from hardwood to ensure long-term durability due to the heavy weight of the doors. Type of hardwood can be stated at time of order or finished primer painted for completion by others.

– High pressure laminate (Formica / Print)

Laminate colours are available from any range of laminate manufacturer within the UK to match any RAL colour specified. Door face only with the option of any of the above timbers for the frame and lipping edges.

– Acrovyn /Yeoman Shield / PVC wrapped

For the ultimate protection in impact and hygiene innovation, plastic wrapped doors and frames are available using the leading manufacturers of PVC impact sheeting in the UK.

Doors and frames are completely encapsulated all round with Raybloc’s unique formed sheeting, even into rebated edges, meaning no need for plant on strips as seen by most door manufacturers, offering a flush closed door finish.

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A truly helpful and knowledgeable team. Great products and 5* service.

Koleen Godfrey – Fluke Corporation

Wolverson X-ray have used Raybloc products now for a number of years and we consider them to be of exceptional quality with great service backup, in addition to off-the-shelf items, Sean and his team are happy to carry out design to bespoke specifications, the new range of Xray protection screens and flush fit warning light systems are particularly good, we have commissioned these items for many X-ray room installations, and consider Raybloc the ‘go to’ company for this product and we would highly recommend taking a look at their portfolio, you will not be disappointed.

Graham Haslam – Sales Director at Wolverson Xray

I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Eric Chant – Director at Mount Vets Ltd

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