Our role in the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham

Learn about our role in the building of the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham earlier this month.

In the battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham was built to provide the best possible care to patients from across the West Midlands. Led by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, it’s staffed with experienced doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff. The new purpose-built facility currently provides 500 fully equipped beds, with the potential to hold 4,000 should there be an influx in patients.

This incredible construction was erected using 400 Interserve joiners, plumbers, electricians and engineers, as well as 70 members of military personnel, 25 IT specialists and various suppliers. We’re proud to say that our business was among the list of suppliers who played a role in preparing the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham for its fight against coronavirus.

Protecting the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham against radiation exposure

Our team at Raybloc X-ray Protection Ltd were approached by Interserve Construction to supply and install lead x-ray shielding equipment at Nightingale Hospital. Due to the severity of the situation, we only had three days to complete the transformation. This gave our team only two days to manufacture the x-ray shielding equipment and a further day to install. We worked closely with Interserve and BDP Architects to make sure the custom-built equipment adhered to the Radiation Protection Adviser’s (RPA) requirements and fit in with the structural design.

The radiation protection shielding equipment required included a bespoke x-ray protective door set and lead-lined plywood to ensure radiation is contained within the x-ray facility and the surrounding rooms remain safe. We also installed fixed operator screens inside the x-ray room to protect the radiographers from radiation when imaging patients suffering from coronavirus.

Daniel Orr, the Senior Surveyor of Interserve Construction said: “Raybloc were one of the contractors whose collaborative approach, coupled with vast knowledge and expertise, was key in Interserve Construction successfully delivering the first phase of the critical NHS facility, Nightingale Hospital Birmingham. The project was reliant on the support of the supply chain and Raybloc went above and beyond to assist.”

While the x-ray protection equipment we supplied hasn’t been decorated yet, the main thing is that it’s fully functional and ready in the event of a second wave of COVID-19 cases in the West Midlands. On behalf of everyone at Raybloc X-ray Protection Ltd, please stay home and stay safe.
X-ray Protection Equipment in Nightingale Hospital Birmingham - Raybloc X-ray Protection

Where is the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham?

The Nightingale Hospital Birmingham is located at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in the centre of Birmingham. To map out your journey and to find the nearest car park, you should refer to the NEC visitor information detailed on their website.

If you feel like you’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms, follow NHS guidelines or call the 111 online coronavirus service. You shouldn’t travel to the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham unless you’ve been advised to.

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