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To share the latest developments within Raybloc and the radiation shielding industry along with some of the teams vast knowledge with you on all things "X-ray”.

Why our company expansion is good for you - Raybloc Xray Protection

Why our company expansion is good for you

Learn how the expansion of our Willenhall business will benefit the local community and any organisation requiring radiation protection. After enjoying further...

radiation protection products - Raybloc Xray Protection

Latest radiation protection products designed to minimise the spread of Covid-19

Discover how to protect your staff and patients from radiation and the spread of coronavirus using our latest radiation protection products. Now more than ever...

How fire safe are your X-ray doors? - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

How fire safe are your X-ray doors?

Discover why choosing the right X-ray door sets can make a real difference with both radiation protection and fire safety. With large numbers of people and pet...

what is ionising radiation - raybloc xray protection

Ionising radiation and you, what is ionising radiation?

The term radiation is passed around frequently in our day to day lives, the definition of radiation being the emission of energy in the form of either a sub ato...

Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights

What’s the difference in X-ray door mounted and boxed warning lights?

X-ray flush mounted door warning lights vs boxed warning lights: discover what the differences are and how they can impact radiation safety in your hospital or ...

What is a radiation protection advisor - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Everything you need to know about a radiation protection advisor

What is a radiation protection advisor (RPA) and how can their role significantly impact the running of your radiology department? The radiation protection wor...

X-ray Protection Equipment in Nightingale Hospital Birmingham - Raybloc X-ray Protection

Our role in the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham

Learn about our role in the building of the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham earlier this month. In the battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the ...

The Key to Reducing Workplace Radiation Exposure - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

The Key to Reducing Workplace Radiation Exposure

Discover how to reduce workplace radiation exposure from X-ray imaging and protect the wellbeing of staff and patients by factoring in this one key element. Wh...

4 Steps to Improving Radiation Safety in Your Veterinary Practice - Raybloc Xray Protection

Steps to Improve Radiation Safety in Your Vet Practice

Radiation safety in a veterinary practice is becoming increasingly important. Discover four proactive ways to promote a safe working environment for pets, nurse...

Lead Codes – get to know the codes and equivalences - Raybloc Xray Protection

Lead Codes – get to know the codes and equivalences

Lead codes, what are they? Many of our customers frequently ask us about lead codes with regards to their x-ray protection requirements. With this in mind we w...

Raybloc X-Ray Protection - 20th Birthday

Raybloc X-ray Protection Turns 20

It is official... we have just celebrated a big birthday as a West Midlands based X-ray shielding manufacturing company! We have now been providing innovation i...

Lead Panel Products - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

What is Lead Lined Wall Panelling?

Lead lined wall panelling is used to increase the density between partition and external walls to shield x-ray environments. Wall panels can either be manufactu...

The fine art of X-ray protection - raybloc x-ray protection

The fine art of X-ray protection

The fine art of x-ray protection...similar to light from a light bulb, X-rays consist of photons, discrete packets of energy that can be interpreted as particle...

Electromagnetic Spectrum Graph

What are X-rays and why do we need X-ray Shielding

X-Ray shielding, what is it? The electromagnetic spectrum covers the range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, spanning from radio waves of longest wav...

toshiba xray warning light Radiation shielding Radiation protection flush mounted Warning Light

The best location for Warning Lights

It may be commonly over looked when using an x-ray room day in and day out but at some point somebody has put a lot of thought in to one specific thing… where...

X-ray Door Set and Single X-ray protection door, Raybloc, Radiation Shielding, Lead Lined door

X-ray Door or Door Set, What’s the Difference, Does it Matter?

When designing, upgrading, or constructing a new x-ray facility, one of the most overlooked items in radiation protection is the requirements around shielding t...

Heavy Lead Raybloc Xray Protection X-ray Screen Lead Glass Hospital Doctors Dentist Dental Vet Radiation Shielding Radiology.JPG

Extreme X-ray Shielding. What is a “Heavy Lead Project” ?… and what you need to know! 

With new innovation in imaging technology comes new challenges in protecting the user and patient.  Most commonly, lead sheet can be used to protect staff and ...

Xrayscreen Raybloc Xray Hospital Xrayglass Lead Lined Glass Doctor Dentist Radiology Radiation protection

The History Of The X-ray Screen: The Past, Present And The Future!

With the innovation in x-ray technology comes new opportunities in medical facilities.  Over the past 20 years alone for example, we have seen x-rays move from...

Medical Practices Dental Doctor Hospital Raybloc X-ray Protection Radiology X-ray shielding UK England

What is “shielding you with excellence”?

We owe the discovery of x-rays the credit for countless cases of successful medical diagnoses. Today, radiographers, dentists, chiropractors, scientists and tec...

UKRC - raybloc xray protection

Raybloc’s Review of UKRC 2017

Raybloc were one of the 110 exhibitors at this years UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress in Manchester, 12th – 14th June. Firstly, time for som...

x-ray protection glass - raybloc x-ray protection

Top 15 Radiation Protection Glass Suppliers

Raybloc X-ray Protection (Ltd) have been featured in the global top 15 radiation glass suppliers! Find out more...  ...