Modular Fixed Operator X-Ray Protective Screens: How Control Booths Impact X-Ray Imaging Procedures

In healthcare, radiation protection is non-negotiable. Modular fixed X-ray screens are pivotal in ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals and patients. These screens are a cornerstone in clinical, dental, and hospital settings, providing essential protection against radiation.

This blog explores the purpose of X-ray screens, focusing on their installation considerations and inherent flexibility. We’ll uncover the materials that make them effective radiation shields and the technical specifications that indicate compliance with rigorous healthcare standards. From pre-installation preparations to installation procedures, we’ll guide you on seamlessly integrating these screens into your healthcare environment.

Ensuring Safety with Radiation Protection Features of Modular Fixed Operator X-ray Screens

Radiation protection is paramount in healthcare, particularly in clinical settings, dental offices, and hospitals where X-ray machines are consistently in operation. Modular fixed operator X-ray screens play a pivotal role in safeguarding healthcare professionals from harmful radiation exposure during these imaging procedures. To ensure these screens fit seamlessly into your healthcare facility, it’s essential to consider the available design options.

modular fixed operator x-ray screens

Modular Fixed Operator X-ray Screens

Components and Materials

These screens are constructed with precision, using high-quality materials to provide robust radiation protection. The top half of the control booth consists of large panes of lead glass – a glass compound that contains lead that provides a transparent barrier whilst attenuating X-rays. The bottom half of the control booth is made of a lead-lined panel with a laminate face and PVC edges to provide an easy-to-clean, durable exposed surface.

The lead thickness adheres to strict guidelines and standards, ensuring optimal protection to the requirements of the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) report. Additionally, the vertical posts that frame the panel and glass are manufactured using white satin anodised aluminium, offering durability and a sleek, professional finish. These screens are designed to last over 10 years, hence why Raybloc provide a 10-year material and workmanship guarantee for every product we supply directly.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of modular fixed operator X-ray screens are designed to meet the highest healthcare standards. These screens are meticulously manufactured in accordance with industry regulations, providing a reliable barrier against radiation exposure. Their lead thickness, dimensions, and plastic laminate finish all indicate compliance with healthcare guidelines and the need for stringent radiation protection.

Installation Considerations

Pre-installation Preparations

Prior to installation, it’s crucial to prepare the site for the modular fixed operator X-ray screens. Clear the designated space, ensuring that it meets the required dimensions. This preparation will help position the screens correctly and maintain the necessary distance from the X-ray machine, adhering to safety protocols and the RPA stating its appropriate location.

Installation Procedures

The installation of modular fixed operator X-ray screens is a straightforward process. Once the site is prepared, position the screen’s floor track in the designated location, ensuring it fits precisely. The modular design allows for easy assembly, and the screens can be securely fixed in place. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to guarantee optimal radiation protection.

Post-installation Considerations

After the screens are in place, conduct a thorough inspection to verify that they meet all healthcare regulations. Ensure that the lead thickness and dimensions are in accordance with guidelines and meet the specifications of the RPA report prior to the RPA’s visit. Periodic checks and maintenance will help preserve the integrity of the screens and continue to provide radiation protection for healthcare operators.

Flexibility of Modular Fixed Operator X-ray Screens

One of the standout features of modular fixed operator X-ray screens is their flexibility. They can be customised to bespeak the specific needs of your clinical or hospital environment. The ability to specify dimensions, lead thickness, and even the colour/graphics of the screens allows for a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your healthcare facility.

What are The key Benefits of Choosing a Modular Solution over a Traditional Fixed X-ray Screen?

Opting for modular fixed operator X-ray screens offers several advantages over traditional fixed screens. Their flexibility in terms of dimensions, lead thickness, and colour/graphic customisation allows for a personalised solution that perfectly fits your healthcare space. This adaptability, coupled with robust radiation protection features, makes modular screens a superior choice for modern healthcare settings.


Can I customise the dimensions of my modular fixed operator X-ray screens?

Yes, modular fixed operator X-ray screens can be customised to fit the specific dimensions of your clinical or hospital environment, ensuring a precise fit.

Are modular fixed operator X-ray screens suitable for all types of X-ray machines?

Modular fixed operator X-ray screens are designed to accommodate various types of X-ray machines commonly used in healthcare facilities, making them a versatile choice for radiation protection.

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