Lead Lined Drywall (Sheetrock) for Enhanced Radiation Shielding

In the realm of modern medical facilities and radiology, prioritising safety through effective radiation shielding is paramount. This is precisely where the remarkable lead-lined plywood, offered by Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd, plays a crucial role. Our lead-lined plywood stands as an impervious guardian, meticulously designed to prevent any radiation penetration from controlled environments such as X-ray rooms and CT scan facilities. In this article, we delve into the intricate details of this innovative solution, which encompasses lead thickness, gypsum board integration, and specialised lead shielding techniques.

Typical Details for Lead-Lined Drywall

Crafting an impervious defence against harmful radiation requires a multifaceted approach. Our lead lined drywall solution revolves around achieving an optimal lead thickness, strategically absorbing and blocking X-ray and gamma radiation. This ensures comprehensive radiation shielding that guarantees the safety of medical personnel and patients alike.

Lead Lined Drywall

Standard Installation

A fundamental cornerstone of our radiation protection strategy is the meticulous installation process. Our team of experts expertly positions the lead-lined panels, ensuring a precise fit against designated studs which themselves are lined with 50 mm wide lead strips. This approach eliminates potential gaps that might compromise radiation protection, creating an unyielding barrier that boasts reliability and efficacy.

Lead-Backed Drywall for Effective Radiation Shielding

At the heart of our lead-lined drywall solution lies its unparalleled ability to thwart radiation penetration. This specialised drywall is more than just a physical barrier; it’s a technological marvel that seamlessly blends the shielding properties of lead with the structural attributes of gypsum board. The result is an impenetrable environment that safeguards medical practitioners, patients, and the general public from the hazards of radiation exposure.

Standard Lead-Lined Drywall Configurations

Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd recognises the diversity in radiation shielding needs across various facilities. To address this, we offer an array of standard lead-lined drywall configurations that include different thicknesses of lead to make sure that you receive no more or no less than what you need. These configurations cater to spaces of varying sizes and functions, ensuring every environment requiring radiation containment receives the most appropriate shielding without any compromises.

Our drywall boards are a standard size of 2400 mm x 600 mm and can be easily cut down with a knife to suit the dimensions of the room. The size of 2400mm x 600mm has been purposefully chosen to suit the brittle integrity of the plasterboard, given the additional weight of the lead that is bonded to it. On the note of weight, the maximum amount of lead that can be bonded to a gypsum wallboard is 2.24mm thick, the equivalent of code 5. Above code 5, lead lined plywood can be used instead, as this can support significantly more weight before losing its structural integrity. For this reason, lead-lined plywood is also used for ceilings.

Lead Chevron Bricks

Custom Specifications & Thicknesses for Lead-Backed Walls

While our standard configurations are excellent starting points, we understand that customisation is often essential. Medical facilities are diverse, and each demands tailored solutions. Our team collaborates closely with clients to comprehend their specific requirements, offering custom specifications and thicknesses for lead-backed walls.

Examples include things such as leaded fire-rated plasterboard, lead-backed MDF, and the use of lead chevron bricks where the thickness of the lead required means that neither plasterboard nor plywood is strong enough to support it. This personalised approach guarantees that radiation shielding seamlessly integrates with the facility’s existing infrastructure.


Does drywall stop x-rays?

While standard drywall does offer a degree of X-ray attenuation, it might not suffice in environments demanding stringent radiation protection. In situations where comprehensive radiation shielding is imperative, our lead-lined plasterboard and plywood step in, bolstering the drywall’s capabilities to effectively halt X-ray penetration.

Which type of drywall is installed when radiation X-ray shielding is required?

When the need for radiation X-ray shielding arises, opting for lead-lined plasterboard is the recommended course of action. This specialised solution ensures that radiation penetration is minimised, creating a secure environment essential for medical procedures involving X-rays and other forms of ionising radiation.

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Lead Lined Wall Panelling

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