Lead Lined Door Sets: Installation Challenges and Solutions

In the world of radiation protection, particularly within healthcare and diagnostic imaging sectors, the installation of lead-lined door sets is a critical step towards ensuring safety against harmful radiation. Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd, as a specialist in the field, understands the nuances of installing these specialised doors in environments such as hospitals, dental clinics, and radiology departments.

This blog delves into the challenges and solutions in installing lead-lined door sets, ensuring they meet the necessary shielding requirements while also fitting seamlessly into the aesthetic and functional needs of medical facilities.

The Lead-Lined Door Set Installation Process

The installation of lead-lined doors, integral for radiation shielding in X-ray rooms and imaging centres, demands precision and expertise. At Raybloc, our lead-lined doors are designed not only to prevent radiation leakage but also to fit the specific needs of healthcare facilities. The process involves careful measurement and customisation, considering factors like the door’s thickness, the density of the lead used, and the specific radiation protection requirements of the X-ray imaging room.

Storage and Handling

Prior to installation, it’s crucial to store and handle these doors correctly. Improper storage can lead to warping or damage, which can compromise the door’s effectiveness. To avoid these sorts of problems, Raybloc employs the practices of lean production so that the door is not manufactured until it is required on-site. This prevents the door from receiving any damage while in storage, and also means that we can quickly and effectively maintain a 4-6 week lead time on our doorsets by keeping our facility clear of stored products.

Installation in Frame

Installing the door into its frame requires precision. The frame itself must be installed ensuring a snug fit for the door, with special attention paid to the hinge and locking mechanisms. To avoid misalignment, all Raybloc doorsets are pre-hung at our facility to ensure a perfect fit on site.


The finishing of lead-lined doors can often be considered as important as their functional aspects. At Raybloc, we offer a range of finishes, from laminate to veneer to full PVC encapsulation, to match the aesthetics of the healthcare facility. The finish not only adds to the door’s appearance but can also provide an additional layer of protection, making the doors durable and easy to clean. If durability isn’t a concern, then we have a wide range of veneers and laminate options to suit the design of your facility.

Cleaning and Touch-up

Post-installation, maintaining the lead-lined doors is essential. Regular cleaning and occasional touch-ups help retain both their appearance and functionality. Raybloc provides guidelines on the appropriate cleaning methods and materials to use, ensuring the longevity of the doors.

Adjustment and Maintenance

Post-installation, maintaining the lead-lined doors is essential. Regular cleaning and occasional touch-ups help retain both their appearance and functionality. Raybloc provides guidelines on the appropriate cleaning methods and materials to use, ensuring the longevity of the doors.

lead lined door sets installation

Main Challenges with Installing Lead Lined Radiation Shielding Door Sets

1. Varying Requirements (Depending on Application & Industry)

The requirements for radiation shielding vary greatly depending on the application, whether in a hospital, dental clinic, or radiology centre. Each setting has unique needs based on the type of radiation and the level of exposure.

Solution: All requirements must be carefully examined and complied with before installation process

Raybloc ensures that all requirements are meticulously examined and complied with before the installation process begins, tailoring each door set to the specific needs of the application.

2. Field Fitting

Adjusting the doorsets on-site to fit the specific dimensions and conditions can be challenging.

Solution: All fitting adjustments must be approved by the factory/manufacturer

Raybloc emphasises that all fitting adjustments must be approved by the factory or manufacturer to ensure compliance with safety standards and to guarantee that the lead protection has not been compromised in the process. To avoid these implications, all Raybloc doorsets are made to suit your required structural opening, so that it is simple and easy to fit the frame into the desired position.

3. Improper Storing and Handling

Mishandling or incorrect storage can lead to damage to the doors.

Solution: Repair noticeable marks or defects on the spot

Raybloc manufactures all doorsets in time for delivery so that they are not waiting around in our facility. Since lead-lined doorsets are extremely heavy compared to standard doors, they can often catch installers off guard, leading to damage. To guarantee your doorsets are installed free of damage and to the correct radiation shielding regulations, Raybloc offers installation services on all of our fixtures – this way any damage or defects become the responsibility of our team if they were to occur.

4. Failing Radiation Protection Advisor Tests

This should be the primary concern when installing lead-lined doorsets as if the RPA test is failed, the room cannot serve its function which can lead to drastic delays in patient treatment and imaging. This is fairly common with lead-lined doorsets that have been manufactured by non-specialist lead-lined door manufacturers due to improper positioning of the lead within the leaves, frame, and architraves. However, RPA tests may also fail if the lead-lined doorset has been fitted incorrectly, due to things such as incorrect architrave positioning.

Solution: Ensure your doors are procured by a radiation shielding specialist

Always buy your radiation-protective doorsets from a trusted supplier of lead-lined doorsets as simply sticking lead sheets into doors does not eliminate shine paths where different aspects of the door meet. If you are uncertain about how to install a radiation shielding door set, then seek support from radiation shielding companies that offer fitting services/

5. Inappropriate door hardware selection

Choosing the wrong hardware, such as hinges or locks, can affect the door’s functionality.

Solution: The final hinge system has to be appropriately specified

The final hinge system and other hardware components must be appropriately specified to match the door’s requirements. As a manufacturer of X ray doorsets for over 25 years, Raybloc has mastered the formula for the appropriate ironmongery to support these heavy leaves. When purchasing from Raybloc, you can have the confidence that your doorset will stand the test of time in terms of function and shielding. To back this, all products manufactured and supplied by Raybloc have a 10-year material and workmanship guarantee.

Final Words

Installing lead-lined door sets is a complex process, but with Raybloc’s expertise, it can be seamlessly integrated into any healthcare or diagnostic imaging facility. Ensuring safety and compliance without compromising on aesthetics and functionality is our primary goal.


How much does a lead door set cost?

The cost varies based on factors like lead thickness, finish, and additional features like vision panels containing lead glass and flush-mounted warning signage. Contact Raybloc for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, returned to you within 24 hours by our dedicated estimators.

Can I have a fire rated lead lined door set?

Yes, X-ray doorsets from Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd are available in FD30S and FD60S, tested and passed by Warrington Fire. The tests were conducted in both laminate and PVC-wrapped finishes featuring both flush glazing and flush mounted warning lights.

What thickness should a lead-lined door set be?

The thickness depends on the level of radiation protection required, which is determined by the type of X-ray machine or diagnostic imaging equipment used. Raybloc has a tried and trusted list of RPAs to provide guidance on the appropriate thickness based on your specific shielding requirements.

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