How fire safe are your X-ray doors?

Discover why choosing the right X-ray door sets can make a real difference with both radiation protection and fire safety.

With large numbers of people and pets visiting hospitals and veterinary practices every day in the UK, fire safety is always a concern. Worryingly, investigations after the Grenfell Tower fire exposed the presence of flammable cladding in NHS hospitals. Data also revealed that there were 1,701 and 1,462 fires in all NHS trusts in 2015/16 and 2016/17 alone. One simple way of slowing the spread of fire and smoke is to install effective X-ray doors.

What do fire-safe X-ray door sets look like?

While the main purpose of X-ray door sets might be to protect patients and staff from radiation exposure, investing in good quality ones can help contain an outbreak in one place for longer. This gives patients, staff and pets the chance to vacate the building.

A good benchmark for fire burn time is around 30 minutes. Any X-ray door set that doesn’t go beyond the half-hour mark is a potential hazard. According to the Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association (ASDMA), a good fire is described as:

“A complete installed door assembly comprising doorframe, door leaves, other panels, hardware, seals, and any glazing that when closed is intended to resist the passage of fire and smoke in accordance with specified performance criteria. A fire door = a complete installed assembly.”

We appreciate fire safety might not be something you’ve considered before when it comes to radiation protection and X-ray door sets. However, times are changing, and the Grenfell Tower disaster has put fire risk under the microscope at the moment.

How fire safe are your X-ray doors? - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

New X-ray protective door sets, same outcome

Back in 2017, fire tests for our FD30 lead-lined X-ray doors at Raybloc were carried out, with our standard doors reaching a staggering burn time of over 55 minutes. Since then, the processes and material specification of our fire rated door sets have remained consistent to ensure our fire tested doors continued to excel in fire-related performance.

As of last month, we’ve developed a new type of door that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but promotes a cleaner room environment than a standard door too. Our new X-ray protective door sets feature flush inset warning lights and flush vision panels, making the door leaf completely edgeless. With minimal surface area, they’re easily cleanable and less likely to gather dust traps and dirt as well.

The doors that were fire tested three years ago were our standard door sets. The door leaves on these didn’t have vision panels or feature our bespoke flush-mounted warning lights. All fire testing for our newer, more hygienic X-ray protective door sets was carried out in late August by Warrington Fire. This included one door set featuring the flush vision panels and the other with the flush-mounted warning lights.

How fire safe are your X-ray doors? - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Both door sets exceeded the burn time of 30 minutes and were stopped at 36 minutes, with the fire integrity of the doors remaining in place after completion. This is positive news for hospitals and practices looking to promoting a safer, more hygienic and fire-safe environment for everyone.

If you’re unsure on whether your current X-ray doors meet fire safety expectations or not, get in touch with us today. At Raybloc, we can help determine the right solution for your radiation department.

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