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Our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below, however if you would like to speak to a member of our team please call 01902 633383.

How long will it take to receive my shielding products?

All of our products are hand-finished by experienced shielding craftsmen. Depending on our availability and the nature of your radiation protection needs, lead time can vary significantly.
We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met to an unmatchable standard, whether it be delivery times or specifications.  For an up-to-date lead time on your required product, please call the office on 01902 633383 or drop us an e-mail at enquiries@raybloc.co.uk.
For further details contact us or enquire at: raybloc.co.uk/contact/

Can we fit Raybloc X-ray Protection products ourselves?

Yes. Any qualified fitter can install our products, although it is extremely important to ensure that they are fitted correctly to meet radiation protection standards determined by an RPA. Failure to do so could result in radiation leakage which poses long-term health risks to those in the surrounding area, with the responsibility to resolve this problem on the party associated with the installation.
To guarantee that your products are installed properly to serve their purpose and save time and money, Raybloc offer installation on all of our lead-lined products.
Fitting instructions, drawings, and technical phone support by our team of specialists are available upon request.
For more details, contact us or visit our construction section of the website.

What levels of radiation protection are Raybloc capable of?

Past jobs have included lead protection as low as 0.5mm Pb i.e. for low-level radiation, up to 100mm Pb for use in nuclear applications.
We don’t stop at lead-lining either. For specialist radiation protective jobs, please get in contact with one of our specialists at 01902 633383.
If your requirements are higher than 100mm Pb, please speak with the team and they will discuss the ways we can help you achieve this.

What level of X-ray protection do I need for my radiation project?

The level of radiation protection required for a given project is determined by things such as the frequency of the radiation emission and the power at which it is produced. For each level, there is a lead equivalence related to it, with greater levels of radiation protection requiring thicker amounts of lead or an equivalent material. This value can only be specified by an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor) through their analysis of your project.

For a list of trusted RPAs throughout the UK please visit: Your Local RPA

Door vs Doorset: Do I need a door or a 'door set'?

A complete ‘door set’ from Raybloc will consist of a door leaf, frame, and architraves, all completely lead-lined to ensure full radiation protection. This system, once installed correctly, will ensure radiation integrity from the door to the wall with no possible X-ray leakage. Under Raybloc’s installation, we certify the passing of all our Raybloc X-ray Protective door sets to RPA standards.
Door leaves can be supplied separately. However, without supplying the frame, we can not guarantee full radiation protection. Given the weight of our leaded doors, a complete Raybloc doorset ensures that our hardwood frames are capable of carrying the load of the door leaves to prevent dropping, dragging, and damage to the floor and leaves over time, unlike a third-party frame.
All Raybloc door sets are pre-hung in our workshops prior to completion to guarantee a fit once installed into the structural opening on-site.

I need an X-ray protective door, how do I know I will get what I need?

Raybloc has been supplying and installing doors amongst our other products for over 20 years, with over 60 years of experience in radiation shielding. With our team of experienced craftsmen and radiation protection specialists, you are in safe hands.
With correct installation, all Raybloc products are guaranteed to provide full radiation protection, to the lead equivalence requested, with a tried and tested manufacturing history with proven RPA test records. Quality control systems and close communication with all of our customers ensure products are precisely manufactured to exact specifications, allowing zero room for error. With Raybloc, your products are right the first time, every time.

What finishes can I have on my radiation protective products?

We manufacture with a large range of finishes.

For our door sets the following finishes are available:

  • Primer Painted – Your door leaf and/or frames and architraves can be primer painted so that they are ready to receive a fresh coat of your chosen colour once installed. This is our cheapest option.
  • Plastic Laminate (i.e. Formica/Altofina) – Available in every colour for your door leaves, a laminate provides a hygienic, wipe clean finish, perfect for clinical environments.
  • Factory Lacquer Finished Veneer – For a classic look, veneer is available in a large variety of hardwoods for a professional wood grain finish.
  • Full PVC Encapsulation (i.e. Acrovyn) – Available for door leaves and frames and architraves, PVC encapsulation offers a highly durable casing for your door set with a wipe clean finish. The smooth, rounded edging of a PVC encapsulated doorset makes it the ultimate option for reducing dust traps whilst protecting your door. This is our most expensive option.

Fixed screens and mobiles are exclusively plastic laminate, available in every colour. Vinyl graphics can also be added to these products to give even more of a personalised touch.
We can source multiple materials for your finish, please speak with our team if you have a specific finish that you require and we can source this for you.

For more information on finishes please visit: Door Sets

What information do Raybloc need to give a quote for a door or window?

In order to provide you with an accurate quotation, we require the following information:

  • Lead equivalence
  • Approximate structural openings (width and height)
  • Frame & architrave finish
  • Door finish
  • Vision panel dimensions
  • Fire rating
  • Ironmongery

Accurate dimensions are confirmed upon order.

For more information, simply enquire from Door Sets or X-ray protective viewing windows

What information do Raybloc need from me to provide a quotation for a screen or mobile screen?

In order to provide you with an accurate quotation, we require the following information:

  • Lead equivalence
  • Panel dimensions
  • Glass dimensions
  • Worktop requirements

The dimensions specified above can often be determined by our team from a floor plan drawing. This also helps us to determine the between-panel angles for our fixed screens and where it is fixed to a wall (if applicable).

For more information, simply enquire from x-ray shielding glass or mobile x-ray screens

How long will a quotation take from Raybloc?

Our customer experience has been designed to make your life as easy as possible by guiding you through a simple process that will specifically tailor each option available to you. Depending on the complexity, you will receive your quotation within 24 hours.

To enquire, please simply fill out the contact form and we shall be in touch ASAP.

What are Raybloc’s values?

The notion of quality flows throughout Raybloc with each individual employee sharing the same vision; being the best at what we do, radiation shielding specialists! Being the primary manufacturer means that we are responsible for all quality assurance, from start to finish.

With this in mind it is important to us that the highest quality shines through in each product so that our customers can witness the pride and care taken in the manufacture of each specially bespoke product.

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