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Our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below, however if you would like to speak to a member of our team please call 01902 633383.

Generally our lead times are 4 weeks from time of order. However, if your requirement is more urgent then please discuss this with us. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to meet their requirements, if it be delivery times or specifications.

For further detail contact us or enquire at: raybloc.co.uk/contact/

Yes, any competent carpenter/joiner/builder can install our products. Fitting instructions, drawings and technical phone support by our specialist team members is always available.

For more detail contact us or visit our construction section of the website.

Past jobs have included lead protection as low as 0.5mm Pb i.e. for low level radiation, up to 100mm Pb for use in nuclear applications.

X-ray protection is determined by the thickness of lead or a lead equivalence. This can only be specified by an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor).

For a list of RPAs throughout the UK please visit: Your Local RPA

A complete doorset from Raybloc will comprise of a leaded door, leaded frame and leaded architraves. This system once installed correctly will ensure x-ray integrity from the door on to the wall with no possible x-ray leakage. Provided it is fitted in the correct manor, Raybloc certify the integrity of all our doorsets.

Doors can be supplied separately, however without supplying the frame we can not determine the existing x-ray integrity that the frame has therefore can not be certified by Raybloc.

Also, the nature of leaded doors is that they are heavy. All Raybloc door frames are hardwood and guarantee to take the load of the door to prevent dropping, dragging and damage to the floor and door over time.

Another benefit of doorsets is that the door is workshop pre-hung in its frame. This saves a considerable amount of time on site by not having to try and make the heavy door fit, reducing the risk of any onsite problems.

We manufacture in a range of finishes. Ranges include primer paint, plastic laminate (i.e. Formica), factory lacquer finished veneer, to full PVC encapsulation (i.e. Acrovyn).

For more info on door finishes please visit: Door Sets

With correct installation all Raybloc products are guaranteed to provide full x-ray protection with a tried and tested manufacturing history with proven RPA test records. Quality control systems ensure products are precisely manufactured to exact specifications in order to be right first time.

We manufacture in a range of finishes. Ranges include primer paint, plastic laminate (i.e. Formica), factory lacquer finished veneer, to full PVC encapsulation (i.e. Acrovyn).

For more info on door finishes please visit: Door Sets

In order to quote you accurately we need to know the lead equivalence, approx structural openings (height and width), frame finish, door finish, vision panel dimensions, and fire rating. Accurate dimensions are confirmed on order.

For more info simply enquire from: Door Sets or x-ray protective viewing windows

In order to quote you accurately we ideally need a drawing showing the orientation and size of the screen, this is often produced by the equipment supplier. Lead equivalence and glass dimensions are important to consider in order for us to provide an accurate price.

For more info simply enquire from: x-ray shielding glass or mobile x-ray screens

Our customer experience has been designed to make your life as easy as possible by guiding you though a simple process that will specifically tailor each option available to you. Depending on the complexity, 95% of quotations are sent within the hour.

To enquire, please simply fill out the contact form and we shall be in touch asap contact us.

Yes, you can pay over the phone with our secure Payatrader system (www.payatrader.com). Other payment methods include PayPal, BACs or cheque. Larger jobs can be offered at 30 days payment on satisfactory credit term application.

The notion of quality flows throughout Raybloc with each individual employee all sharing the same vision; being the best at what we do, radiation shielding specialists! Being the primary manufacturer means that we are responsible for all quality assurance, start to finish. With this in mind it is important to us that the highest quality shines through in each product so that our customers can witness the pride and care taken in the manufacture of each specially bespoke product.