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Five Engaging Company Core Values that Drive the Raybloc Team, and How Stakeholders Are Affected

Raybloc was founded in 1999 by Sean Haydon and Leonard Street; both of which were ex-Wolverson X-ray employees that saw a gap in the market for professionally manufactured Operator X-ray Screens. Sean Haydon had a passion for innovation and business, whilst Leonard Street excelled in his skills in carpentry and engineering. Together, they were able to develop one of the most successful radiation-shielding companies in the United Kingdom to date. This article delves deep into how Raybloc was able to achieve its current success through the principles demonstrated by our founders, and how these ethics affect our team, suppliers, and customers alike.

What is a Core or Company Value?

A company or core value is a fundamental principle or belief around which a company will operate. It is usually simple, straightforward and easy to remember, and reflects what the company believes in, personally. A core value should be strong enough to encourage employees to do their best and help them to want to follow it.

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs and qualities that govern all we do and how we do it. They set us apart from our competition, inspire our employees to do the right thing, and help us create products of integrity.

Our Five Core Values

Leonard Street was an admirable man who developed Raybloc with the intent to one day pass the company on to his four grandchildren and the sons of Sean Haydon, Len’s former son-in-law. Len was considered one of the most honest, friendliest, and trustworthy people by the many who had the opportunity to meet him, and it is the principles that this man held so firmly that are now carried on through Raybloc’s team and services to this day – encouraged by his grandchildren.

Sadly, Leonard passed away due to lung cancer in December 2019 at the age of 86, but his legacy lives on vicariously; below are the set of core values that are followed religiously by our team to benefit each other and the people that we interact with on a day-to-day basis to guarantee that our service and products are second to none.

5 core values

1. Proactive

“Problem solvers and improvers, taking ownership, fast action, and executing on what needs to be done without complaining about it. Committed to the business, customer, and our own success. We take full ownership of our actions, doing what it takes to achieve positive outcomes.”

2. Knowledge

“Continuously improving our growth and development as individuals.  Every time we improve, we contribute more to each other so that we all grow and win together. We are seen by the customer as a highly knowledgeable organisation and the go-to trusted experts.”

3. Communication

“Professional, cooperative team players. Clear and upfront, open and honest, and fast responding with all our colleagues and customers.  If we say we are going to do it, we do it. If we can’t do it for any reason, we communicate fast to resolve the problem quickly.”

4. Precision

“Accurate, analytical, and precise with the actions we take to excel in the work we do for our customers and one another.  We make fast, logical decisions based on new information and reflect on these details to improve our performance and hold each other accountable.”

5. Enthusiasm

“Passionate about the part we play in the business. The outcomes we have as an organisation are down to each individual’s drive towards the mission and better outcomes for the customers, the business, and each other.”

Why are Company Core Values Important?

Company core values are important for a business because they provide the guidelines, vision and purpose of the organisation. They help create a culture in which employees can thrive and customers can feel connected to the company. Company core values also give stakeholders the confidence that their investments are being used appropriately. Company core values should not just be words on paper, but rather they should be lived out every day throughout the company culture.

How to Identify Your Company’s Core Values List

A company’s core values are what it stands for. As a company grows, its leadership should ensure that new hires understand, accept and live these values every day at work. For many companies, this is a difficult task that takes time and patience to get right. Our company has a set of core values which help us to run a business that is in line with our founder’s personal vision and ethics. These values help Raybloc keep moving forward and always be on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to improve wherever necessary.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with Raybloc, you are dealing with the list of core values featured above. These guiding principles are reflected in each member of our team to guarantee a 5-star service from the office, all the way to a 5-star product from our workshop. Corporate values are a fantastic way to hold your team accountable to your organizational beliefs in a healthy and fun way and help your team reflect on their own personal values.


Can core values be changed?

Core values are not set in stone, and in fact, it is good to change them. Once implemented, many of your team will come up with new ideas and better terms to reflect the true essence of your business. Some words don’t stick as well as others, and your values may change over time to better represent what truly matters to your team. This is what part of makes an organization’s core values so fun, as they are an engaging way to bring your team together to decide what you all stand for.

Should core values be measurable?

You can’t quantify a person’s enthusiasm, but you can hold them accountable for it. Values that make your team evaluate their decision-making on a day-to-day basis are effective strong values, so values don’t have to be measurable in a numerical sense.

Can core values be negative?

Many core values play an important role in the behaviour of your team, but how you encourage these behaviours can make or break how these important core values are perceived by your team. This is why it is important to let your team have a say in what they believe the core values should as they are used as a compass to guide, not to dictate. Bare this in mind when choosing the values statement.

Do core values change over time?

As a company grows, so should its core values. Core values should be evolve as more thought goes into them over time and as they are tried and tested. This also shows that your team and stakeholders are paying good attention to your core values and care for what they should stand for.

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