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Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd takes great pride in presenting our latest case study showcasing our outstanding collaboration with Singleton Hospital in Swansea. This partnership entailed the manufacturing and installation of cutting-edge radiation shielding solutions, including a Frameless Operator Screen, a wide range of lead-lined doorsets, and internal viewing windows to match. As well as these fixings, Raybloc also supplied and installed the lead-lined wall panelling to the controlled areas, making the process of lead shielding as simple and hassle-free as possible for the contractor and Trust. These advanced products not only prioritise the safety of patients and staff but also significantly enhance workflow efficiency and create a therapeutic environment.

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Specifications and Requirements

Radiation Shielding Doorsets

Raybloc’s lead-lined doorsets for Singleton Hospital featured a range of finishes to complement their respective environments. The X-ray room opted for a PVC post-formed doorset with an astragal meeting stile, while veneer doorsets were installed in the CT room to match the control room’s aesthetics and surrounding doors. These doorsets provided a traditional solution to the hospital’s radiation protection requirements, seamlessly blending with the existing architecture of the hospital. Additionally, flush-mounted warning lights embedded within the doors served as an alert system, ensuring the safety of patients and staff by indicating when the X-ray room was in use. Not only did the door-mounted warning lights add a futuristic touch, but also provided the perfect solution to the lack of wall space next to the X-ray doorset for the control room that would have traditionally caused an issue for mounting box warning lights on the walls.

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

Our manufacture and installation of this internal viewing window allows healthcare professionals to maintain visual contact with patients undergoing X-ray procedures from the safety of the control room. The frame and architraves were manufactured with a primer painted finish to allow them to be decorated to match the frames and architraves of the radiation-protective doorsets. Positioned so that the top edge of the frame was the same height as the doorset frames, these fixings provided a necessary yet aesthetically pleasing layout for the CT and control room.

Frameless Operator X-Ray Screen

For the X-ray room, we installed one of our frameless control booths to the specific lengths requested by the customer; featuring a borderless X-ray glass panel on its top half, and an easy-to-clean laminated lead-lined panel for its bottom half. Quickly becoming the standard for X-ray rooms, our Frameless X-ray Screens are a radiographer’s best friend given they are the least obtrusive option available for the market and are specifically designed to feature as minimum dust traps as possible.

The Challenge

Singleton Hospital, a renowned healthcare institution in Swansea, is committed to providing exceptional patient care while upholding the highest standards of safety and innovation. To meet their radiation protection requirements, they turned to Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd.

Installation of Customised Radiation Protection Solutions

Raybloc was entrusted with the comprehensive installation of a wide range of radiation shielding solutions throughout the hospital’s radiology department. The project encompassed the implementation of hygienic lead-lined doorsets, radiation-shielding internal windows, an operator X-ray screen and the leaded wall panelling of each room. These state-of-the-art additions were meticulously designed to maximise radiation protection while ensuring visibility and easy access. Moreover, they adhered to the highest hygienic standards, supporting the well-being of both staff and the public.

The Solution

In response to the specific requirements of the radiation protection advisor, Raybloc provided and installed a complete radiation shielding package for Singleton Hospital. The project was completed within the agreed-upon timeline while maintaining our renowned standards of excellence in terms of product quality and service. T. Richard Jones (Betws) Ltd, the contractor working with Raybloc made the following comments in relation to the works that we manufactured and installed:

‘Thank you to Raybloc for the great work on the DR room and new CT scanner at singleton hospital, all work was carried out with no problems or delays.

Hopefully we can work together on a new project soon. Thanks again for moving the time scales of the program. As a result we were completed on time and handover went smoothly with no problems.’

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The Benefits оf Installing X-Ray Screens, Windows and Doorsets from Raybloc

1.Enhanced Safety: Raybloc’s products are meticulously designed to prioritise radiation shielding, creating designated areas with limited radiation exposure. This safeguarding measure protects both medical professionals and patients, reducing potential health risks associated with prolonged ionizing radiation exposure.

2.Regulatory Compliance: Raybloc’s X-ray screens, windows, and doorsets adhere to stringent regulatory standards and guidelines for radiation protection in healthcare environments. By utilising Raybloc’s products, healthcare facilities can ensure compliance with relevant regulations, guaranteeing a safe and legally compliant working environment.

3.Improved Workflow Efficiency: Raybloc’s radiation shielding solutions seamlessly integrate into existing healthcare infrastructures, minimising disruptions to daily operations and facilitating efficient workflow within radiology departments. Medical professionals can carry out their duties effectively without compromising safety or impeding the patient care process.

4.Clear Visibility and Communication: Raybloc’s operator screens, internal windows, and doorsets are thoughtfully designed to maintain optimal visibility and enable effective communication. Internal viewing windows and X-ray screens empower medical professionals to monitor patients during procedures, leading to better patient care and ensuring the well-being of individuals undergoing examinations or treatments. Our doorsets feature brightly illuminated, two-stage flush-mounted warning signage to alert passersby of the controlled area.

5.Aesthetically Pleasing Integration: Raybloc’s products are meticulously crafted to blend functionality with aesthetics. The installation of X-ray screens, windows, and doorsets seamlessly integrates with the overall design of healthcare facilities, contributing to visually appealing and comfortable environments for patients, staff, and visitors.

6.Customisation Options: Raybloc offers a range of customisation options to meet the specific requirements of each healthcare facility. From size and design to additional features such as flush-mounted warning lights or specific glazing options, Raybloc tailors its solutions to suit the unique needs of each facility, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

7.Expertise and Reliability: With extensive experience in radiation shielding solutions, Raybloc brings industry expertise and knowledge to every project. Our products are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, instilling confidence in healthcare facilities that they are receiving solutions from a trusted and reputable provider.

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About Raybloc Radiation Protective Products

Raybloc’s collaboration with Singleton Hospital exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering superior radiation shielding solutions in the healthcare industry. The successful installation of a frameless operator screen, a range of lead-lined doorsets, and a unique window door combination set at Singleton Hospital highlights our dedication to innovation, safety, and aesthetics. We take great pride in our role in the development of one of our local hospitals and aspire to make a lasting positive impact on the patients, staff, and visitors who will benefit from our products for years to come.

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