Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection

Pen Y Byrn Joinery - Denbighshire, Wales

Bringing Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Solutions to Glan Clwyd Hospital.

Pen Y Byrn Joinery was founded in 1985 by two tradesmen with a passion for what they do. Still motivated by this passion, the bespoke joinery, building and fit-out company has moved from strength to strength. They now employ 30 people, each helping Pen Y Byrn Joinery make a real mark across the industry.

Working across Wales and England, the company delivers bespoke building, flooring and joinery solutions to healthcare and education providers, local authorities and emergency services.

Back at the start of 2020, Pen Y Byrn Joinery were successful with their tender bid in a project which TACP Architects specified Raybloc for X-ray protection.  The X-ray shielding for this particular project consisted of Bilingual Warning Light Door Sets and an X-Ray Protective Viewing Window for the hospital’s Computer Tomography (CT) Suite. With time against us, here’s how we got on.

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Specifications and Requirements

Door Sets

Five Code 5 and Code 6 X-ray protective doors sets, with Gradius 005 shale PVC protection, bilingual flush Warning Lights and a control room door featuring a Vistamatic blind unit.

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

A Code 5 leaded glass protective window, to a width of 2150mm and a height of 1200mm.


The Door Sets were finished with an American white oak laminate. Both the Door Sets and the X-Ray Protective Viewing Window were fitted with painted frames.

The Challenge

In the business of creating tailormade, X-ray shielding solutions, you must be skilled at working round-the-clock to deliver designs to important medical practices. Pen Y Byrn Joinery needed a partner that had seen it all before, with a proven track record of delivering timely solutions.

With a reputation for delivering industry-leading solutions to tight deadlines, we were the obvious choice to take on the challenge. However, time constraints weren’t the only challenge. The specification changed several times too, meaning that we had to closely communicate with the contractor to ensure that nothing was missed.

The Solution...

To fulfil the wishes of TACP – the architect – our team persevered to provide five sets of lead-lined, X-Ray Protective Door Sets, which featured bilingual flush Warning Lights.

The doors were manufactured to the latest hygiene regulations (NHS HTM 58) in infection control for use in a medical environment and finished with a stylish white oak laminate.

Our team worked tirelessly to create a fitting design to complement the surrounding room, while also ensuring that the door sets were of the highest quality available. The sleek design fits the aesthetic look of the CT Suite and adds flair to an essential solution.

We were also requested to deliver an X-Ray Protective Viewing Window, specially designed with leaded glass. While changing specifications made this tricky, our talented team were up to the challenge. In a short space of time, we successfully provided a bespoke solution built to NHS HTM standards and the latest hygiene regulations.

Bespoke X-Ray Shielding Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection

The Benefits

Why choose our X-Ray Protective Door Sets. If you’re looking to invest in X-Ray Protective Door Sets, here are some benefits to choosing a Raybloc solution:

– The doors are customised for your needs
– They’re manufactured to the latest hygiene regulations by our highly experienced craftsmen
– They offer maximum radiation protection
– They’re designed to complement the surrounding environment
– They’re pre-finished and lacquered in our factory, saving you time and money on-site
– They provide protection for medical, dental, veterinary and radioactive environments
– Fast delivery times from 48 hours

For more information about our X-Ray Protective Door Sets or any of our other radiation protection solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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