National Physical Laboratory Case Study - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

National Physical Laboratory

Heavy Lead installation for Bartec Technologies Ltd at the National Physical Laboratory in London.

Raybloc staff met Mike Bewick, sales and marketing director at Bartec Technologies Ltd, at the UKRC event in June 2017. Mike approached Raybloc to ask for our expertise on lead protection for a project at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, London.

NPL has a wide portfolio of internationally visible research programmes that advance measurement science, underpins the SI system of measurement units and supports various cross-disciplinary technologies.

Bartec required a complete turn key solution for the radiation shielding at NPL, from lead wall panels to heavy duty doors and large X-ray glass observation windows.

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The Specifications and Requirements...

20mm Pb lead lined wall

Automatic hinged heavy duty 10mm Pb lead lined door set

2500mm Observation window of 20mm Pb

Room refurbishment for pre-installation of new Mediso Anyscan machine

The Challenge... The Solution...

The Challenge

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) required its research department to be enhanced with a new Mediso AnyScan machine. The room required additional heavy lead lining and a new control room to be formed so that the researchers could utilise the room for next generation experiments.

The Solution

The research facility room was stripped back and enhanced with new radiation shielding and refurbished as a total turn key solution. This allowed Bartec Technologies to simply install their equipment into the new heavy lead lined research room.

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