Heavy lead installation for a local non-destructive testing company

NDT Midlands is an independently owned company offering high quality non-destructive testing solutions for all industry sectors across the UK.

We were approached by NDT Midlands for us to create a lead lined enclosure including a sliding X-ray protective door set incorporating 6mm of lead for their new x-ray test facility.

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What we did...
  • Constructed X-ray protective wall & ceiling boards to create a 6mm lead enclosure.
  • Design and manufactured a sliding door set capable of providing 6mm lead protection. We had to ensure the door would cover a large opening size and be able to be operated manually. We achieved this by manufacturing the door in two sections.
  • Installed two layers of 3.15mm Pb lead boards to the walls and ceilings to create a total coverage exceeding 6mm.
  • Lead battens & angles were installed where boards met to prevent radiation leakage.
  • A heavy duty track was installed above the opening to take the weight of the 6mm sliding door.
  • A floor channel was created in order for the sliding door to sit below floor level to prevent radiation leakage.

We trawled the internet to look for a company to build us an X-ray room. How lucky were we to find Raybloc, two miles down the road! You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer bunch of people. Very professional and very helpful. A superb company to deal with.

Managing Director  – NDT Midlands