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Xray Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection
Xray Door Sets - Raybloc Xray Protection

Leeds General Infirmary – Cath Labs

Transforming Safety Measures at a Prestigious Teaching Hospital with Smarter X-Ray Protection Equipment

Leeds General Infirmary has been saving lives for over 250 years. Located in the heart of the city, LGI is one of the country’s leading teaching hospitals and is a regional centre for a range of specialist services, including the second-largest trauma centre in the UK.

To keep up with patient demands and follow best safety practices, LGI decided to renovate their Cath lab within the Jubilee wing of the hospital. A key part of this process was finding more hygienic and durable X-ray protection solutions in keeping with the room dimensions and design.

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Specifications and Requirements

Door Sets

Three Code 3 double door sets and four Code 3 single door sets with PVC steamed beech, PVC flint grey edge and face protection. They also included flush-mounted warning lights, flush fitted vision panels featuring interstitial blind units and are encapsulated in PVC protection.

Fixed Operators Screens

Two Hygiene-X frameless operators screens, complete with white laminate post-formed worktops. The main panel was manufactured to a width of 2665mm with 2400mm glass, while the wing width was 665mm with full 665mm glass.

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

Two Code 4 hardwood primer painted frame X-ray protective viewing windows to a width of 1800mm by a height of 1000mm.

The Challenge

Fitting protective screens and doors in hospitals is a specialist business, with the safety and health of staff and patients the number one concern.

The project contractor, Illingworth and Gregory, needed a supplier for Leeds General Infirmary’s Cath lab with a proven track record in delivering quality solutions on time and understood the associated safety concerns. With our reputation as a market-leading supplier of protective X-ray screens and doors, we were the natural choice.

Infection control was also the other major factor in the decision-making process. Having equipped various hospitals around the UK in the past, we’re fully accustomed to working in an efficient and sanitary manner.

The Solution

P+HS Architects called on us to provide our game changing new Hygiene-X frameless screens, along with ever popular flush-mounted door warning light system.

After initial design discussions, we provided flush glazing to complement the warning lights and offer additional hygienic properties. All door sets were fully encapsulated in PVC to ensure we met all sanitation specifications and increase the durability of the doors. Furthermore, we added 1000mm high S/S kick plates to the push side of the double doors for added protections when trolleys are pushed against them.

We also supplied fixed screens with the largest possible lead glass sheet with a width of 2400mm. This addition offers LGI the best-uninterrupted field of vision, as well as safety.

The Benefits

If your organisation is looking to revolutionise its facilities and provide a safer, more hygienic environment for X-ray scanning, we’re here to help.

Our Single and Double X-Ray Protective Door Sets, X-Ray Protective Viewing Window and Fixed X-Ray Screens come with a whole host of benefits:

– All X-Ray Protective Door Sets are customised to suit your environment and are manufactured to meet the latest hygiene regulations. They offer maximum radiation protection and are pre-finished and lacquered in our factory. This seamless service offers the ultimate peace of mind and saves organisations money.

– Our Fixed X-Ray Screens are bash resistant and made to match existing decorations and architectural plans. Its high-quality design, durable properties, and rigorous manufacturing processes mean they are officially approved by RPS (Radiation Protection Advisors).

– The X-Ray Protective Viewing Window is built to NHS HTM standards and the latest hygiene regulations to maximise safety. We offer multiple privacy panel options to fit the needs of the organisation.

To find out more about our radiation protection equipment, contact our team today.

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