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Fujifilm House Door - Raybloc Xray Protection
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Fujifilm House Bedford

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare facilities, the convergence of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design has revolutionized the way we approach medical spaces. One such remarkable union of innovation and expertise took centre stage when Raybloc joined forces with FUJIFILM UK to shape the future of radiation protection solutions. This case study unveils the journey of creating a state-of-the-art X-ray showroom within FUJIFILM UK’s new facility in Bedford, where the marriage of custom-crafted Lead-Lined Doorsets, Frameless X-ray screens, and a visionary design philosophy reshaped the very essence of radiology spaces. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this transformative collaboration and explore how Raybloc’s commitment to excellence is rewriting the playbook for radiation shielding and architectural ingenuity.

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Specifications and Requirements

The specifications for this project were exacting, necessitating the use of oak timber frames for the Lead-Lined Doorsets and laminate surfaces to ensure durability and visual appeal, with the addition of exclusive flush-mounted warning lights for a sleek and hygienic touch to a required feature for any controlled area.

The Frameless X-ray screen was designed to offer unobstructed visibility while adhering to stringent safety standards. The solutions had to be seamlessly integrated into the facility’s architecture, balancing the functional requirements of radiation protection with the aesthetics of a modern medical facility.

The Challenge

When Raybloc was presented with the opportunity to contribute to Fujifilm UK’s new facility in Bedford, the challenge was clear: to develop and manufacture radiation protection solutions that seamlessly merged cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and optimal functionality. The objective was to create an X-ray showroom that not only met stringent safety requirements but also provided an environment of comfort and convenience for both radiographers and clients.

Installation of Customised Radiation Protection Solutions

Raybloc’s collaboration with FUJIFILM Corporation marked a milestone in the installation of custom-designed radiation protection solutions. The process involved a meticulous integration of various components, including oak timber-framed Lead-Lined Doorsets with laminate faces, and the incorporation of a state-of-the-art Frameless X-ray screen. The expertise of Apollo Building Services and MCS Building Services Ltd in installing the Frameless Operator Screen and Radiation-Protective Doorsets respectively ensured that the solutions were seamlessly integrated into the facility’s infrastructure.

The Solution

Raybloc’s solution involved the creation of radiation-shielding elements that harmoniously blended functionality and aesthetics. The Lead-Lined Doorsets, equipped with flush-mounted warning lights, provided an additional layer of safety. The introduction of the Frameless X-ray screen reimagined the traditional X-ray room layout, enabling enhanced communication and ease of movement for radiographers while maintaining the required level of protection. This holistic approach to radiation protection transformed the X-ray showroom into a model of modern design and safety.

Glass Fujifilm House - Raybloc Xray Protection

The Benefits оf Installing Control Booths and Doorsets from Raybloc

The installation of Raybloc’s radiation protection solutions brought forth numerous benefits. The Lead-Lined Doorsets with flush-mounted warning lights enhanced safety protocols while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. The Frameless X-ray screen not only optimised visibility for radiographers but also promoted a sense of openness within the X-ray room. The integration of these elements reflected a commitment to the well-being of both staff and clients, setting a new benchmark for radiation-shielding projects.

About Raybloc Radiation Protective Products

Raybloc Radiation Protective Products stands as a leading innovator in the field of radiation protection solutions. With a track record of excellence, Raybloc specialises in creating bespoke solutions that seamlessly merge advanced technology with sophisticated design. Our expertise in manufacturing Lead-Lined Doorsets, Frameless X-ray screens, and other specialised elements has earned them a reputation for transforming medical environments into safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Raybloc’s involvement in the FUJIFILM UK project exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of radiation protection and architectural solutions.

Fujifilm House Bedford Door - Raybloc Xray Protection

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