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Cordery Build – Brentford

Frameless Fixed X-ray Screen for Brentford Riverside Hospital’s X-ray room

Cordery Build is a long-established high-end shopfitter specialising in interior refurbishments and fit-outs of shops and restaurants throughout the UK and Europe.

They pride themselves on their ability to provide a fast turnaround and a quality outcome for a competitive price on shopfitting services. Some of their previous clients include leading restaurant chains, coffee shops and retail outlets such as Pizza Hut, Hotel Chocolat, Waterstones and Costa Coffee.

Back in May 2020, Cordery Build approached us to provide a fixed X-ray screen for a refurbishment project at Brentford Riverside Hospital. With time against them, they needed the X-ray screen to be easy to build and delivered on time.

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The specifications and requirements


Code 5, 2.24mmPb shielded frameless X-ray screen with a 1100mm main panel, 800mm wing, to a height of 2000mm


The X-ray screen needed to be in a white laminate to match the interior of the newly refurbished X-ray room at Brentford Riverside Hospital.

Fitting & Assembly

The fixed X-ray screen also needed to be easy to transport and assemble to fit in with their tight schedule.

Additional Items

Brentford Riverside Hospital required a worktop, shelf and plinth for the X-ray screen.

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The Challenge... The Solution...

The challenge

Cordery Build was one of the first contractors to install our new fixed X-ray screen without having any previous experience.

With a tight deadline to consider, they needed the assembly to be stress-free and quick. As the X-ray room was being completely refurbished, we also had to manufacture the bespoke X-ray screen based on the drawings and layout of the room.

The solution

To help make the installation of the fixed X-ray screen as smooth as possible, we provided an instruction manual for their team to follow. This enabled them to assemble it without causing any delays or needing to call for further assistance.

The screen was supplied with a worktop, shelf and plinth for the radiographers at Brentford Riverside Hospital to house their computers and other equipment. It was manufactured to the latest NHS HTM and infection control standards for complete peace of mind and custom-built to suit the exact dimensions of the space it would be homed in.

As requested, the fixed X-ray screen was finished in a beautiful white laminate – fitting in perfectly with the modern and professional interior design Cordery Build created. We didn’t just want the X-ray screen to serve a purpose, we wanted it to add to the design and seamlessly fit into the room without acting as an obstacle.

Cordery-Build-Brentford - Raybloc Xray Protection

Features & Benefits

Why choose our Fixed X-Ray Screen

– Raybloc are the innovators in radiation shielding.
– X-ray machines have moved on dramatically as technology has developed.
– X-ray rooms look completely different to what they did twenty years ago.
– Radiation shielding has remained the same, ticked a box to ensure that radiographers are safe.
– Raybloc have developed their shielding over time to stay congruent with the aesthetics new state of the art CT / X-ray machines offer.
– The Raybloc Frameless screen is our third generation of screen.
– Radiographers work space – need to feel comfortable and safe
– Patient experience – need to feel comfortable
– HTM Infection control – No visible screws, smooth lines, wipeable surfaces, no window beads
– Reduced installation times
– Bespoke sizes
– Laminate finish, wide colour range
– Worldwide shipping
-Frameless design
– Precision engineered components
– Available with 135 / 90 degree angles
– Polished glass on top edge


I can confirm that Raybloc supplied an X-ray screen for Brentford Riverside Clinic’s refurbishment. The screens were supplied on time and with the appropriate manuals and paperwork for our qualified joiners to assemble and fit on-site. In all our experience, working with Raybloc has been a positive one and we hope that this carries on into the future.

Cordery Build – Brentford

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