Calder Vets Case Study - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

Calder Vets – Dewsbury

Veterinary Practice Refurbishment for Apollo Building Services at Calder Vets in Dewsbury.

As the leading vets in Yorkshire, with 12 branches and a hospital in Dewsbury, the team of more than 150 vets, nurses and staff work together to provide world-class veterinary care for your pets with the respect, kindness and compassion we would expect for all our loved ones.

Mark Ratcliffe of Apollo Building Services approached Raybloc in October 2017 to work alongside him with the refurbishment of Calder Vets in Dewsbury by providing the radiation shielding for a refurbishment of the veterinary practice rooms, from door sets to a high vision large window set..

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The Specifications and Requirements...

Feature One

X-ray protective door set – 2.65mm Pb Code 6. Fully encapsulated with flush mounted warning light and vision panel with kick plate protection to bottom half of the door.

Feature Two

Large 2.65mm Pb code 5 leaded window to protect against 150KV X-rays for CT Room with matching PVC encapsulated frame.

Feature Three

X-ray protective door set – 1.8mm Pb Code 4. Fully encapsulated with flush mounted warning light and vision panel with kick plate protection to bottom half of the door.

Feature Four

Matching PVC finish unleaded single door set.

The Challenge... The Solution...

The Challenge:

Apollo Building Services was working on room refurbishments at Calder Vets in Dewsbury and approached Raybloc X-ray Protection to provide the radiation shielding elements. The room required a large X-ray glass window to protect from 150KV X-rays in a CT room.

The X-ray doors were specified to have continuous protective barriers, to prevent X-rays getting out of the room to have a fully PVC encapsulated finish and an unleaded door to match. Both leaded doors were required to have warning lights, vision panels with kick plates added for extra protection from damage and to be a high level of infection control standards including with the ironmongery used.

The Solution:

Raybloc provided two lead lined X-ray door sets, matching the RPA report lead equivalents requirements and added the addition request of a 166mm x 716mm vision panel and Raybloc’s exclusive flush mounted warning light in each door set, with a kick plate added for additional protection from damage to the door from animals or trolleys.

Spring loaded floor sockets were used for easy clean and infection control standards. Raybloc also manufactures and provided a large X-ray protective window set 2990mm x 1100mm and a 2.65PB lead equivalence and a fully encapsulated matching frame and a matching finish non-leaded single to complete the room. This allowed Apollo Building Services to carry out the installation and the room was completed and fully operational in February 2018.

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

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