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Bristol Royal Infirmary

Radiation shielding for JP Electrical Services at Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital

Raybloc has been working with John Pomroy, owner of JP Electrical Services, for many years providing solutions to his radiation shielding job requirements. The company initially began by carrying out many small and medium contracts throughout the UK for healthcare authorities, imaging specialists and industrial & commercial property management companies.

JP Electrical services required room refurbishment for two separate rooms within the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital for x-ray doors & screens. See below for the details…

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The Specifications and Requirements...

Fixed Operator X-ray screen with storage space to hold computer unit/wires.

Storage cupboards – easy clean to meet hygiene standards.

Easy access plumbing cupboards

Unit to hold generator

Code 5 leaded X-ray doors with PVC protection.

Matching non-lead door sets for storage cupboards with matching finish.

The Challenge... The Solution...

The Challenge...

Bristol Royal Infirmary required the refurbishment of two rooms within their hospital, not only meeting the radiation shielding requirements of an X-ray screen and X-ray door set, but also matching cupboard wall units that had to meet their hygiene requirements and storage closet doors, including disguising plumping, with the finishes of the X-ray protection areas.

The Solution...

Raybloc manufactured and installed a code 5 – 2.24mm Pb fixed operator X-ray screen with a storage shelf, with 2 x 1000mm base – complete with work top. Also a generator plinth code 5 2.24mmPb double X-ray door with PVC protection. Finally matching IPS (Internal Plumbing System), wall cupboards with sloping tops for easy clean and hygiene reasons, and unleaded storage closet doors, both to match the screen finish.

Bristol Royal Infirmary Case Study - Raybloc X-Ray Protection

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