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Heartlands-Screen -Raybloc Xray Protection
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Heartlands Blind Door Raybloc Xray Protection
Heartlands Screen -Raybloc Xray Protection

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

The Midlands leading the revolution in modern healthcare; Birmingham Heartlands Hospital fitted out with a complete Raybloc radiation shielding package

Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd takes immense pride in delivering innovative and high-quality radiation shielding solutions for healthcare facilities worldwide. This case study focuses on our successful collaboration with Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, where we installed lead-lined doorsets with flush glazing and flush-mounted warning lights, internal viewing windows, and our bespoke frameless X-ray screens. Our state-of-the-art solutions not only ensure patient and staff safety but also enhance workflow efficiency and contribute to a conducive healing environment.

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Specifications and Requirements

Radiation Shielding Doorsets

Raybloc’s lead-lined doorsets with flush glazing were meticulously crafted to provide optimal protection against radiation while seamlessly blending with the hospital’s existing architecture. The flush-mounted warning lights embedded within the doors alert personnel when the X-ray room is in use, ensuring the safety of both patients and staff.

X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

Our installation of internal viewing windows allows healthcare professionals to maintain visual contact with patients undergoing X-ray procedures. These windows are constructed with primer-painted frames so that they could match the frame of the doorset and a large piece of lead glass to provide optimal vision into the controlled area, striking the ideal balance between safety and effective communication.

Frameless Operator X-Ray Screen

To further enhance radiation protection, Raybloc installed a frameless X-ray screen. This innovative solution creates a barrier within the X-ray room allowing close communication between the radiographer and the patient, eliminating the risk of radiation leakage without obstructing visibility or impeding workflow. The frameless design of Raybloc’s control booths minimises potential areas for dust traps and allows for an easy-to-clean finish, perfect for clinical environments such as this one.

The Challenge

The NHS Heartlands Hospital is based in Birmingham, West Midlands. It is a leading healthcare institution serving a diverse community in the heart of England. As a busy and renowned hospital, they prioritise delivering exceptional patient care while maintaining the highest standards of safety and innovation. To meet their radiation protection needs, they sought the expertise of Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd.

Install Fully Bespoke Radiation Protection Products

Raybloc was tasked with installing a comprehensive range of radiation shielding solutions throughout the hospital’s radiology department. The scope of the project included the installation of hygienic lead-lined doorsets, radiation-shielding viewing windows, and operator X-ray screens. These cutting-edge additions were designed to optimise radiation protection without compromising visibility or ease of access to a high standard of hygienic design to support staff and members of the public alike.

The Solution

Meeting the specific requirements of the radiation protection advisor, Raybloc supplied and installed the complete radiation shielding package for Heartlands, on-time and to our usual top-of-the-range standard for our products and service. Blinds were retrofitted onto the flush-glazing of the doors at the request of the client for privacy purposes, a different approach to our usual integrated flush blinds.

Heartlands Door Raybloc Xray Protection

The Benefits оf Installing X-Ray Screens, Windows and Doorsets from Raybloc

1.Enhanced Safety: Raybloc’s products are designed with a primary focus on radiation shielding. By installing Raybloc’s radiation shielding solutions, healthcare facilities can create designated areas where radiation exposure is limited. This helps to safeguard both medical professionals and patients, reducing the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation.

2.Regulatory Compliance: Raybloc’s X-ray screens, windows, and doorsets meet stringent regulatory standards and guidelines for radiation protection in healthcare environments. By utilising Raybloc’s products, healthcare facilities can ensure compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring a safe and legally compliant working environment.

3.Improved Workflow Efficiency: Raybloc’s radiation shielding solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare infrastructures. This integration minimises disruption to daily operations and allows for efficient workflow within radiology departments. Medical professionals can perform their duties effectively without compromising safety or impeding the patient care process.

4.Clear Visibility and Communication: Raybloc’s X-ray screens, windows, and doorsets are carefully designed to maintain optimal visibility and effective communication. Internal viewing windows and X-ray screens enable medical professionals to monitor patients during procedures, facilitating better patient care and ensuring the well-being of individuals undergoing examinations or treatments. Our doorsets contain brightly illuminated, two-stage flush-mounted warning signage to guarantee those who are passing are cautious of the controlled area.

5.Aesthetically Pleasing Integration: Raybloc’s products are crafted with attention to both functionality and aesthetics. The installation of X-ray screens, windows, and doorsets seamlessly blends with the overall design of the healthcare facility, contributing to a visually appealing and comfortable environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

6.Customisation Options: Raybloc offers a range of customisation options to meet the specific requirements of each healthcare facility. From size and design to additional features, such as flush-mounted warning lights or specific glazing options, Raybloc can tailor their solutions to suit the unique needs of the facility, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

7.Expertise and Reliability: With a wealth of experience in radiation shielding solutions, Raybloc brings extensive expertise and industry knowledge to every project. Our products are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, instilling confidence in healthcare facilities that they are receiving solutions from a trusted and reputable provider with a high level of service to suit.

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About Raybloc Radiation Protective Products

Raybloc’s collaboration with Heartlands Hospital exemplifies our dedication to delivering superior radiation shielding solutions in the healthcare industry. The successful installation of lead-lined doorsets with flush glazing and flush-mounted warning lights, internal viewing windows, and a frameless X-ray screen at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital showcases our commitment to innovation, safety, and aesthetics. We are proud to have played a vital role in the developments made at one of our local hospitals and we hope our products make a significant impact on the patients, staff, and visitors who will be using them for years to come.

Heartlands Screen -Raybloc Xray Protection

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