A Medical Supplier’s Guide For X-ray Protection Equipment

The amount of radiation shielding must meet regulations for patient and staff safety. Discover our medical supplier list of X-ray equipment and accessories to support your client’s radiation protection requirements.
All establishments using equipment capable of emitting radiation have a duty of care towards their patients and staff.

Radiation exposure can cause short and long-term health issues if necessary protective measures are not implemented. With a 5.5% CAGR forecasted between 2022-2027 in the UK for diagnostic imaging equipment, the demand for radiation shielding will remain on the rise for medical establishments, such as hospitals, veterinary practices and dental surgeries.

This article will discuss a range of in-demand radiation shielding products and accessories that you may want to consider when dealing with projects involving radiation exposure.

How to Test X-ray Processing Equipment?

As a medical supplier providing X-ray protection equipment and accessories, you will want to help your clients by offering radiation testing information and guidance as they purchase your products. Our clients regularly enquire about what level of radiation protection they require for their X-ray processes. We recommend you direct your clients to their local Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA), who can officially ascertain the level of protection required for their medical X-ray processing equipment.

X-Ray Protection Equipment and Accessories

Before designing or constructing a radiation-protected area, your clients should have the necessary shielding and safety specifications. If you require guidance on radiation protection, here are some examples of specific X-ray radiation treatment areas:

If you are a medical supplier, use the linked resources above to inform your expertise as an accredited radiation shielding product supplier.

Fixed X-Ray Protective Equipment

Fixed radiation equipment suits medical facilities where regular imaging, diagnosis, and treatment procedures take place. For example, most hospitals in the UK will have a designated radiology department where fixed protection equipment is considered in the design and installed accordingly.

Door Sets

At Raybloc, we manufacture custom radiation shielding door sets, lead-lined to prevent radiation leakage through scatter or direct transmission. Prevalent across medical, dental, and nuclear facilities, our lead-lined door sets offer RPA-approved protection and meet official hygiene standards (NHS HTM 58) in infection control. Our door sets can be designed to match your client’s existing interior with exact dimensions and multiple finishes available.

X-ray Door Sets

Viewing Windows

The X-ray protective viewing windows is ideal for the control centre of a radiology room where radiologist can observe procedures from behind the safety of lead-lined glass and walls. With multiple privacy panel options available, your clients can alter their working environment to work simplistically, privately, and efficiently. Like all of our products, our internal viewing windows are also built to NHS HTM standards.

X-ray Protective Operator Screens

Operator Screens

Operator screens, also known as control booths, consist of shielding with lead-lined glass mounted onto lead-lined panels to achieve excellent visibility without compromising safety. Our custom operator screens are manufactured from the highest quality sustainable materials. They adhere to the latest NHS HTM infection control standards and are RPA-approved within the UK. Complete with a distinct U-shaped barrier that offers collision resistance to the edges and a frameless top edge, offering a sleek, clean appearance. Control booths are available in a range of colours and laminate finishes to fit your client’s interior design.

We can also do custom graphics at your request. We recommend this versatile unit to provide shielding in multiple industries, including hospitals, dental surgeries, and veterinary practices, offering a level of protection up to code 6. To suit any sized area, our operator screen panels can be customised to any dimensions, using standard 90, 120, 135 or 150-degree joint components to connect them to other panels.

frameless x ray

Mobile Radiation Equipment

Medical facilities such as dental and veterinary practices opt for mobile radiation equipment for operational convenience and stowaway capabilities. Here are some top products we can offer you:

Mobile Screens

Our mobile X-ray screens are top of your medical supplier list; they are manufactured to the latest NHS HTM infection control standards and can match room design, decoration, and size requirements. They act as a quality protective measure within an adaptive environment and can be stowed away at your convenience. This product preferably suits a dental or veterinary practice where X-ray imaging is less regular than in a designated radiology room within a hospital.

Mobile X-ray Screens

Bespoke Radiation Shielding

To offer custom solutions that require construction, we supply bespoke radiation shielding solutions in the form of lead-lined panels and glass products.

Bespoke X-ray protection

Lead Panel Products

With Raybloc’s lead-lined panels, your clients can install high-pressure lead-bonded building materials for superior radiation protection. We offer 12.5mm lead-backed plasterboard, plywood and MDF as suitable radiation shielding for walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors.

The standard size for lead-lined boards is 2400mm x 600mm, however, we can manufacture boards to custom sizes at request, dependent on the type of board and the amount of lead installed to it. Given the weight of the lead, too large a panel and the board could snap, or be too heavy to carry effectively between two people.

We can arrange lead thicknesses to range from 1mm to 3.5mm and will apply multiple layers if you require greater protection. All panels contain lead-backed battens for pre-fixing or lead strips for attaching to timber battens.

Lead Panel Products

Radiation Shielding Glass

For clear sight and quality shielding during operations involving radiation, we recommend our lead-lined shielding glass. The high density of lead within the glass ensures your clients stay protected during procedures while providing a clear line of sight for staff to monitor professionally. Lead equivalences for the glass can range from 1mm to 3.5mm, with additional protection viable through layering the glass sheets. Glass can be cut to any dimensions up to a maximum sheet size of 2400mm x 1100mm.

Need something a little extra for your glass? We can also supply fire-rated glass to achieve FD30 and FD60 ratings, scratch and impact-resistant finishing, and for extra durability, you can have this product laminated or with a vinyl finish for one-way viewing privacy.

X-ray Shielding Glass

Radiation Accessories

Sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the biggest difference. At Raybloc, we offer radiation-related accessories too. Most notably, our Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights:

Flush Mounted Warning Lights

With the latest LED innovation, installing a flat panel light solution onto X-ray-protected doors will warn anyone outside of any ongoing procedures. They comply with infection control requirements and are CE marked and RPA-approved to meet the UK and European lighting legislation.

Flush Mounted Door Warning Lights

Speak to your Trusted Local X-ray Equipment Supplier, Cut Exposure to Radiation

Supported by decades of experience in the X-ray shielding industry, our products are certified and approved for radiation shielding with proof across multiple hospitals, private practices, dentists, vets, and commercial, nuclear, and military facilities. Contact us today for more information on how we can supply your organisation with quality radiation shielding, products, equipment, and accessories.


How do you shield against X-rays?

X-rays are high-energy electromagnetic waves that are able to penetrate through many materials, depending on the material’s molecular structure and thickness. Denser materials have a more pact structure and are therefore more effective at stopping rays in a short distance. This makes heavy metals a strong candidate for radiation shielding where a relatively thin barrier is necessary.

What is the most effective shielding?

Where saving space is a necessity, heavy metals are great at stopping radiation without needing a thick amount of material. Lead is a particularly strong option as it is malleable, dense, and cost-effective.

What happens if you get an X-ray exam without protection?

X-rays are a form of radiation known as ionizing radiation. A high amount of radiation exposure can kill cells and even mutate them. This can have potentially harmful effects such as increasing the risk of developing cancer. Fortunately, the levels of radiation exposure you have when having an X-ray are minimal as you are only exposed for a very short period of time, so the risk to the patient from the radiation source is extremely low.

The lowest amount of radiation levels will always be administered by radiologists and medical physicists to lower radiation risks. Radiation-related health problems are developed over long durations of being exposed to radiation – this is why it is essential that practitioners (who could be potentially exposed multiple times a day and therefore receive a higher radiation dose) are shielded to a high standard.

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Lead Lined Wall Panelling

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