Raybloc (X-ray Protection) Ltd. are major manufacturers and installers of high quality radiation protection products, purpose built by our own craftsmen with decades of experience in x-ray and radiation shielding.

Formed in the 1990’s, Raybloc was created when directors saw a place in the market for a high quality affordable product in x-ray departments. Since this time Raybloc have expanded to cover not only x-ray in hospitals but total radiation shielding solutions for private practices, dentists, vets, industrial, commercial, nuclear, and military. Products can be found all over the UK and an be found wordwide, whether it is from an x-ray screen to hidden lead walling.

Raybloc employees all share the same vision of being proud of what we do and of the customers we work with, supplying only the highest quality products with the highest quality customer experience. Not only do we offer to supply items in a quick turn around, but we also help our customers every step of the way by working closely with them to insure the products are custom made to meet their exact requirements.

Our highly cohesive team has worked closely together over the past years. The combined experience has covered all eventualities in radiation shielding problems, guaranteeing an efficient solution is solved swiftly under any circumstance.

Tried and tested quality control operating systems ensure all products are correct first time, on time, and in the most efficient, hassle free manner.

our clients

Raybloc have an innovative approach to product development by working closely with hospital estate departments and RPA (Radiation Protection Advisors) in areas such as new coming radiation technology, building regulations, and infection control standards.

All this has lead to a returning customer base with a high customer relationship with many contractors including Raybloc on their approved supplier list.

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We have worked with Raybloc on various projects with great success, their knowledge and expertise within the x-ray protection industry is vast. We would highly recommend Raybloc.